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minayuri minayuri

Recently rewatched the anime in glorious BD format and it looks truly amazing, it comes to show how well made older anime was. I also gained a new appreciation for the OVA and it's truly an underrated gem. It has an original story and a variety of good characters including the courageous and sexy Mia Alice, badass Pai Thunder, and menacing antagonist Gil Berg. The camaraderie of the Dangaioh Team is truly soild and they bring out the best in each other by combining their strengths into one when they fight against their enemies. Amazing voice acting by the seiyuu cast and Mayumi Shou was great as Mia, one of her best character roles she's done and Shigeru Chiba was brilliant as Gil, he does fantastic villain voices. I hope Discotek will rescue license this series to give it the proper stateside release it deserves to have. The OP & ED songs are truly awesome and fun to listen to, and Mitsuko Horie has an amazing voice.

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