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minayuri minayuri

With the OVA made for this series I was disappointed with the lack of screen time for amazing characters like Dimitri and Morrigan who are interesting characters individually and have a great chemistry when they have a scene together. I would've liked it better if the OVA had them as the central focus. I wasn't too thrilled with much of the OVA focused on Donovan, his character didn't interest me nor did Pyron either. The animation was pretty well made as its' character designer was Shukou Murase, the man behind the amazing character designs for Gundam Wing. Rei Sakuma delivered a sexy performance as Morrigan, she did a great job voicing the character. The ED song was quite good as well, it had a fun beat to it and kind of felt like it would also fit the Bastard!! series as well.

MK2010 MK2010

I love the Videogame. As for the anime I actually didn't think the art was that great. I did like how they didn't get overly retarded with the designs and stayed mostly faithful to the game (both in characters and combat). So for that it still ranks high with me and for some reason I actually felt the story was too short. I would've liked to have seen this as a series and see them try to include all the characters and somehow tie them into the epic confrontation with Pyron.

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