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Poor Ganta never knew what happened. When he looked out of the window to his classroom he didn't expect to see a red man floating there. The next moment he stood in the middle of a blood bath.
Tried and charged with the murder of all his classmates, Ganta was given the death sentence, but his prison isn't any regular jail. The Deadman Wonderland is more of an amusement park where prisoners compete for their lives. There he has a tough time standing up for himself, but still manages to make friends. But in a place that kills people as entertainment, nothing is as it seems. Just who can Ganta really trust? Will justice ever be served?

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Member Opinions

jakuro jakuro

I've completed what has been released of the manga for Deadman Wonderland, and watched the first 6 episodes so far. The anime series goes along well with the manga, however of course its a bit more corny.. also, they cut out a lot of the gore. The manga has much more gore/violence content and the art is very exceptional. The plot's twists and turns are cool and interesting but not entirely unexpected. Overall this manga is a superb example of action/mature/horror/psychological, and a great seinen read for anyone that is able to handle some very foul language and graphic violence (<3). This manga has no overdone sexual content or loooove stories, extremely mild - which I like a lot about it.

LenoreDiKaat LenoreDiKaat

Great anime! The manga is even better, but the anime gives you the pleasure of seeing all the characters in motion so you can actually taste the blood, lol. For someone who doesn't really like gore I tend to watch a lot, huh? But anyway, the opening is amazing and it goes perfectly with the series. I recommend it a lot if you enjoy watching senseless butchering.

inuyashalove04 inuyashalove04

I'm not a fan of this series. I watched it, but wont watch it again. The storyline doesn't seem to flow right. Not that its a bad story it just seems to lack substance to it; as it were. Series just ends after so many episodes and leaves the watcher hanging.


I watched this, because I became curious to the title, I thought there is a zombie in it, but there is nothing, even so this anime is also good and worth to watch. I am very surprised and intrigued in the first episode it's like the first episode is the climax. The series' story plot is unique in its own way. I like the idea and the feeling of it. I also like their names where they use the terms (wretched egg, woodpecker, Hummingbird) it really attracts me. Their powers are also cool, and I find the primary character Interesting, he is sometimes coward, but sometimes he become badass. Anyway it is a good series, not yet finish I think, its open ended. Hope there is second season.

mikeb23 mikeb23

I believe this series is of pure originality. The main character, Ganta, gets framed for murdering his classmates in a bizarre incident and is sentenced to a prison/carnival dubbed Deadman Wonderland. What drives this series is the relationships Ganta forms with his cell mates, a mysterious girl named Shiro and her past, along with the daily survival that must be endured. Midway through this series is a lovely twist that really makes you feel for some characters and makes you wonder what you would do in their place. A key part of this plot is the violence of the series and the use of bloody and gruesome predicaments. If you enjoy gruesome reality and twisted story plots then this is the show for you :D
P.S. this review is based off the manga which I recommend over the anime.

YuuichiYouko YuuichiYouko

This anime was to ways two go, down and get off plot or up and stay on plot. If we are lucky there will be a second season. So that is why I it has 9.75.

...And the manga ended...And the ending suck and was a cop-out

HatedAngel HatedAngel

So far this anime is ok, Ganta kinda is annoying because he keep yelling and crying like a baby. Shiro, well so far shes ok, except her eyelashes kinda annoy me but aw well. So far my favorite character is the wretched egg or the red man.

pikachu36 pikachu36

Talk about a sick show! This show I was skeptic of the first time I watched, but after episode 2, I was sold ^^ It was wayy too epic in everyway possible, I really hope they continune and make a second season!

SilverCat-sama SilverCat-sama

Interesting story. Nice art. Great gore. Too bad the ending isnt really end. maybe bcoz the manga itself isnt completed yet.
It's about Ganta, a boy/teen who get prisoned because of false charge - killing his whole classmates. There are some people who want him in prison because his mysterious power he didnt know. N that prison isnt normal. Each prisoner must tried hard so they wont dead because poison in their (some kind of iron chocker) neck. They must fight to get special 'candy', the medicine, to live. Even killing each other. That prison also made like a wonderland outside. The prisoners must entertain the visitor with their shows. Including their death. Most of visitors think those are only some kind of special effects, while in fact they are real. Not only people in false charge, there are also real killers. Now Ganta n his friends must tried hard n find a way to go out of that prison. Along with a mysterious albino girl, Shiro, who looks childish and cheerful but very strong.


This anime is INSANELY AMAZING! The story Action, Horror and Science fictionis so hardcore! I love it simply love it!
So super cute and inocent Ganta ( KYAA! GANTA!) a seemingly ordinary student attending Nagano Prefecture's middle school. As an escapee, a survivor of the great earthquake, Ganta has no memories of the tragedy and has lived a normal life. This all changes when a strange person covered in blood and crimson armor floats through his classroom windows. Grinning madly, the Red Man massacres Ganta's entire class but instead of killing him, embeds a red crystal shard in Ganta's chest. Within days of the massacre, Ganta is declared the sole suspect. Following a quick trial, Ganta is sentenced to death and is incarcerated in Deadman Wonderland, a massive theme park like prison.
The Prison is really scary and crazy! If your sencitive you shoudn´t see it :( but if you like suspense,actin and Horror you have to see it!
Its a " NOT EVER TO MISS " anime ;) LOVE IT ( manga is really cool and still ongoing:)

DrewHans555 DrewHans555

The anime follows close to the manga, and the animators put so much detail into character design. The opening song and animation is what originally caught my attention. I found it to be a very interesting story. It is definitely a mature anime/manga not meant for kids but that is what makes it so great. I hope there is a second season.

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Really really liked it! This show never gets boring, from the first episode to the very end. A lot of action and emotions, great characters, every one has his role to play. Very bloody on the other hand, but it suits it a lot. Awesome opening (theme song by Fade wheehee! :D), I like the art style too. Fav char to pick up?... uhmm.. Kiyomasa "Crow" Senji^_^
Wanna read the manga so badly couse I really wanna know what will Ganta do, when he get to know that Shiro... uhmh, u know^_^
Can recommend to everyone on the condition you are fine with (a lot of) gore in anime.

halissin halissin

i gotta say this is the best anime ive seen so far..lol iam hoping that more episodes come out soon because i dont want the series too end like i always like it when they are long but not to long like Bleach lol...anyways if i find out of any new episodes ill make sure to post them on the forums.......

rasherusasuke rasherusasuke

The storyline, plot and general idea in Deadman Wonderland was original for me, which is good considering most anime and manga these days have the same theme. The character personalities can sometimes clash, like the winy protagonist, alter-ego support characters and psychotic antagonists, but it just helped with the surprises throughout the anime. As well as each character having at least some thought put into them so that they are different by both appearance and personality. Deadman Wonderland was fairly graphic and uncensored, so you really could connect with the events.

In the anime, they cut out things (most likely from) in the manga that sped the storyline up, leaving it at 12 episodes. Although the anime was quicker paced and full of more action/gore, as well as accomplishing larger amounts per episode because of this, if you payed attention it was all clearly explained and i can say this because i have not read the manga as of yet. I wish they would make a second season, where they can elaborate on it or make a new 'adventure'.

There may be flaws in the storyline no matter how big or small, but every other anime and manga will have it too. I personally did not see anything too majorly wrong with the Deadman Wonderland but everyone is different in their tastes, so you just have to try something new every now and again.


When the opening began i could clearly make out that the graphics were sharper and that the characters were well-developed, as well as having an original and great art concept and design. There is definite shadow and highlight in the art, and some time has definitely been put into the production.

Throughout the anime, the themes and colors changed to match the mood which was effective, there was darker, gory scenes when needed and clear, light ones during times of falling action. There was also thought placed into the gore, not like other anime where people die from a paper cut.


The voice overs and voicing in both the sub and dub were exceptional and you have to have some level of respect for the effort the voice actors put into matching their voice with the character's lip movement that was originally in another language as well as the time and effort put into translating and culturalizing the dialect.

The film score (background music) throughout the whole anime was relevant, moderated and was at a volume where you could hear the voice actors clearly and not have it interrupting your understanding of the character. The music also reversed from that when the it was made to make more impact that the voices could not, and the music was either really intense or a soft melody.


Overall, the whole anime was enjoyable. There were intense battles, psychotic moments and comedic relief, mostly from Shiro and Ganta. You really connected with the characters weather it be out of pity, idolization, resemblance or adoration which can help you to understand and appreciate the anime on a whole new level of enjoyment.

You could feel the connections between the characters as the story progressed and it can definitely become a great anime if it were to be publicized, though the gore is not to be taken lightly. Since this anime falls under the 'gore', 'horror' and related categories it can not be spread through the younger viewers which is one of the downfalls in terms of publicizing it.


I certainly love characters with sick personality,twisted games 4 survival (SAW is still 1 of my favorite movies),dark atmosphere,blood spilling action (actually,they fight with blood,so spilling it is quite normal),devious manipulation......so,i had high expectations 4 this 1.But the main problem was with the way of telling this story....u can guess all the twists & turns,which doesn't make u feel like a genius rather its frustrating.....it could have been so much better & it still has da potential to b a masterpiece.....it had 'elements of surprise' & yet failed 2 create suspense.....character development was a big let down too,specially Ganta (the main hero)...whenever I'm looking at him,i thought what's an wimp like him doing there??.......still,I would recommend 2 watch it & hope the 2nd season gets better.........

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