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Story by Ooba Tsugumi; art by Obata Takeshi (The mangaka of Hikaru no Go)

The human world is rotting. The gods of death are bored.

Death Note begins when the shinigami Ryuuku, 'accidentally' drops his death note in the human world. It is discovered by 17-year-old academic genius Yagami Raito, who decides that he wishes to create a world free of evil. To what extremes will he go, only needing a name and a face to kill? Or will he be stopped?

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Shoujoboy's Death Note Tv Review

Rated: 7

Oh Death Note, what am I to do with you? I wanted to love you dearly and all you did was make my love unrequited. As I've said, Death Note IS good but it just isn't great. That feeling of intrigue that floods you in the beginning fades after a while, and once it does, that's when Death Note loses it's luster. From about the midpoint on, all you really want is a conclusion to it all but instead get many episodes of drudgery. When you do finally get to the end of it all, the storytelling is well done... BUT, it's a bit too predictable in a show that has been everything but.

It has some great characters to love and absolutely abhor. A strong start and a strong finish. Music that amplifies the atmosphere as well as makes you lose your damn mind. It's got fun written all over it...

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Member Opinions

Supersaiyan-V Supersaiyan-V

Well written, well animated, and guess what? Even pretty well dubbed! COMPLETELY changed my opinion about Ocean Group, not to say I had a bad opinion of them, but this work in particular made me view them in a much more professional light. You pretty much know where this is going from the get-go: Immature smarty-pants starts playing God and corrupts himself all for the "sake of a better world" in which the good live out their lives whereas the evil are punished by death.. Oh yeah, this is SO going to backfire and end up being HIS demise. We all know crime doesn't pay, right? The story's personal morale: "Absolute power corrupts absolutely".

minayuri minayuri

I found this series to be better than Code Geass which I feel is an overrated series, pretty much I'd choose to be Team Light. Death Note overall has better characters, story, and suspense. I didn't find anything wrong with Misa, she was entertaining at least in her quirky moments. What I didn't like about this series was Near, his character sucked and his character was one I hated the most in this series, he felt too much like an L copycat. The live action movies are better and I like how the second movie ended as compared to the anime version.


There is fact about Otakus, when we want someone to become an otaku and we want him to get to it directly, we recommend him\her to watch Death Note, and it always works!!!
It's amazing, awesome, best, hottest anime and it'll live for eternity
Epic soundtrack
Epic characters
Epic character design
Epic story
Epic cleverness

HatedAngel HatedAngel

I've seen this anime about 3 times now. When I first saw it I almost didn't finish it due to the way the first part ends, but I later picked it back up.
Its strange however tho because when I first saw this show I liked Light because I thought he was interesting, but by time I watched it the 3rd time I thought he was a disgusting human being.
Anyway would recommend to anybody :D


the story was phenomenal~
a fictional idea that hit such realistic features, gothic mood, amazing characters,
the only thing I could comment on is that i didn't hardly get to see one of my favorite wammy kids, Matt. he was seen for maybe a few seconds and then no more...
considering he was one of the first characters I saw from this anime, it disappointed me greatly, but I was more than satisfied with the rest.

banraider banraider

First of all, the story line of this anime is more than incredible, the writer must be a super genius, the ending is great, Nate is awesome, he is a cute little genius, I just want to eat him!!!! I love him very much!! As for L, well, I was so sad, to die in the hands of that criminal, he knew all the time that Yagami light is Kira , he shouldn't change his mind, and he shouldn't consider him as his friend, that despicable light, he's use a lousy tricks to kill L, but he deserve what he got in the end, after all, L WINS, as for the rest of the characters, let see, Misa is completely an ugly pig, Takada ,all of her disgust me, man, how many morons are in the anime?? And Rem, I never saw a shinigami with no personality, he killed L, according to that chicken plan ,why he listen to a mere human?? anyway, I just decrease the anime by 1 point because L doesn't have to die, I know it's the story, but still he is an amazing character, I really missed him after ep. 25, but Nate did a wonderful job, his plan to capture light was perfect, finally I want to say that "bad guys always lose, even if they have power and intelligent, Justice always have a way to win".

SevaVioletShadow SevaVioletShadow

I would like to rate the anime 10, but because the character i like most had die, L is my favorite character, at first i had a bad impression about the anime drawing, i thought it's terrible, but i start to love it since there are some characters are well drawn, like L, and the cute genius nate, and the handsome Namikawa, sadly most of my favorite characters are dead, because of that mad criminal Light and his pig Misa, u know there is no need of misa to be in the anime at all, she is just a pain to my head with her ugly voice and her pet shinigami, he died for her, like she is worth something, Rem killed L for her, i think that he must killed her instead, leaving the idiot to live what a fair, since when the shinigami kill when they want? that's called cheating the fate, it's the worse idea ever, i liked the whole anime idea, it's brilliant, about the human cannot be a God, and never will be, he never can be true about his judgment, Yagami is really obsessed with justice till he come completely blind about what the justice is really means, the anime way in investigation and chasing the criminals reminds me of Detective conan, but with more exciting way, it's an awesome anime after all, i enjoyed watching it.


You know what ?

Of-course you don't okay let me start.

Are you greedy?Obsessed?Kind? Or anything?

Some things are good when it comes to your benefits but to others it isn't. Here you will see El fights for the sake of justice for he thinks that it is too much.

Cirru Cirru

A very unique twist and presentation to the shinigami and righteous hero characters. The series feels like it falls off after a particular character dies and it just limps along until it crosses the finish line.


DEATHNOTE is my favorite anime of all, and above the others. This anime is the most awesome and the coolest anime for me that I have watch so far. This anime is perfect for me that is why I rated it by 10. Every detail seems to be interesting and perfect. The characters are great in their own ways. The body physique and faces of the characters are not distorted. The animations are also good, the background is also good. And the background music is also awesome, which the different characters has their own theme music. The story plot is just fine but the interactions between the protagonist and the antagonist is really great, (the battle of wits, hehe). In overall this anime series is the best for me it is really worth to be watch (even I repeat it so many times ^_^). This is so INTERESTING.

winree winree

Epic art and Epic story. Overall it's EPIC.

Although there are a lot of people who compares it with hell girl, only because of the theme of killing a person by writing a person's name. Other than that THEY ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

renlilica renlilica

The best detective anime that I've ever watched Oing! It actually out-bested detective school Q.
L he's the weirdest and the one of the best anime shonen character so far. So far I haven't heard anyone giving negative comments on this anime.

Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

Death Note is possibly the greatest anime made in the past couple years! I give it 10 because this anime is my favorite of all time!!! Though I don't think the movies are as good. The artwork is stunning, awesome character designs, the anatomy is really well-drawn. The characters has good body physiques. The protagonist has turned into an antagonist, I think it's really unique. A really great series to watch and read, but the ending is.. well.. not really good.

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

The first half of the series was amazing up to the point were one of the main protagonists die.... after that it all goes downhill .___. It's a good story with a good plot and it does make you think how things are and how they could be changed. I recommend it a lot. The OPs and EDs were great: The World and Aluminia by Nightmare and What's up, people! and Zetsubou Billy by MAXIMUM THE HORMONE.

Miss-chan Miss-chan

A must see! Who likes intelligent plots, well developed, slowly but capturing, with suspense and breath-taking moments will love Death Note. Loved the philosophy of the anime, pointing out two different but eloquent ways of justice, making me get in between Light’s and L’s mind. Really epic. I lost a little bit of interest toward the end, when there was N, but the ending was great.

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