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Dekiru Otoko ga Suki Nanda!

Dekiru Otoko ga Suki Nanda! Series

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Collection of stories:
1-2) I Like Impressive Guys: Kouji has been in love with Shingo for more than 10 years, but the easygoing Shingo is oblivious to his feelings. One night, Kouji snaps and forces himself onto Shingo; he expects to be rejected from then on, but Shingo seems to have nothing against Kouji!
3) Something Secret: Jiyunjya and his home room teacher, Yusuke Kizaki, are involved in a relationship but, when Jiyunjya suggests the two live together, Yusuke is adamant against it and keeps trying to avoid the topic.
4) Suggestion For a Tsubo Jar: it's expected that Daisuke Kunuki will inherit the family restaurant, but there's a certain senpai at his workplace that Daisuke can't get out of his head - he can't do anything about it, though, since Kazuya Kotohata's voice is just that sexy!

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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