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Smilo Smilo

A very good manga. Very cute story too. What I've liked the most, besides the romance, is happening things almost all the time! :) A very good shoujo that combines romance, comedy, mystery, drama and politics.

aureawolf aureawolf

Very cute story! What I've liked the most, besides the romance, is that the main couple actually talk to each other about stuff! It may look like it's nothing, but think about it: normally, the chick and/or the guy keeps secrets just "to protect" the other and then all gets messed up, blah, blah. But here it's different, so there are very few misunderstandings, they try to keep things clear and they take care of each other -^_^-


I think you all must know that it´s in 3rd place of all mangas (After Bleach and Naruto :)! And it´s the best romance comedy drama Eveeeer ! God ! Kyousuke Motomi you are a Freaking GENIUS ! Whatever they pay you IT IS NOT ENOUGH! Those LOL moments i had with your manga irreplaseble!
I think you know the story : When Teru's older brother died, she was left with little more than a cell phone containing the text-address of an elusive character named DAISY, who Teru's brother had told her would "support her when he was no longer able to." DAISY became Teru's pillar of strength, over the next few years as he sent her encouraging words through his phone, whether inspiring or mere chatter, as she faces her life alone.
One afternoon, after bullies from the student council are mysteriously driven away, Teru (17 years old) accidentally breaks a school window, which results in her working for the grouchy, cruel school janitor named Tasuku Kurosaki (24 years old).As Teru begins working for the unlikable school janitor, her feelings begin to surpass that of master and servant and one day she findes out that he´s DAISY! Its ongoing for know...
They are just too funny! Teru is the most Awsome girl ever she is just to much...not mention Kurosaki he is so funny GOD and cruel to her but sometimes (like anyother guy) he shows his soft side and that makes Teru crazy for him and him for her!


"If my stories can touch you, make you laugh, forget unhappy things, or even give you that 'good job' feeling, then I'll be super, super happy!" - Kyousuke Motomi


It's just that it's my first and favorite manga ^_^
I've read Chapters 1-18 and can't get enough of it, even if I'm a boy lol o_O (I heard it' s actually a Shoujo Manga XD)
I just love the main plot, and also the characters are very complex and have lots of qualities; not to mention it's funny =D


A very good shoujo that combines romance, comedy, mystery, drama and politics. Drawn and written by a man, it is the only case I know where a male enters the shoujo world and succeeds, no less.

Highly recommended.

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