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Weskalia's Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko Tv Review

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Rated: 7

Overall, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko is a very good series which falls short of being a great series primarily because it tends to be nothing more than just a fun frolic about a pretty girl claims to be an alien. Yeah, there might actually be real aliens near the end. It never gets into any deeper into that side, or maybe it doesn't have to for inserting such content in would have interfered with the pleasant charm that the series develops. It gets off to a nonsensical start with its tone-setting first episode but wraps up with a satisfying good finish, though the stories in between also have their moments. The end result is a series that, through its planned 13 episode run (12 TV episodes and one OVA next year), is one warmth, funny, and touching story.

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Member Opinions

Dancerinthedark Dancerinthedark

I hate Shaft, I really hate this studio. For every good show they make, there must be some 5 mediocre ones in between. However, I still love their artsy touch and the way they handle most dialogues that is much present in Denpa Onna. Yet, there’s something lacking in Denpa Onna to make it good and that is a focus. It’s a shame really, because this anime had such a great start. I find it sad that they had to ruin it in the second half.

Based on a light novel, the story shares some similiraties with the Haruhi Suzumiya. Most notably, the two main characters, which both have the same personality, are emerged in a world of bizarre situations. The difference is that Denpa Onna is completely voided of any supernatural element, even though it brings aliens and espers in the foreplay. Though the story could be considered as some sort of coming of age, it is never clear what it is really about. The big problem with Denpa Onna is how well it handles the many elements that it is given, for I must say, not well at all. While it does begin as a simple story of “saving the broken girl”, it doesn’t take time before the series loses its initial charm. For the second half, the anime turns around in a midst of pointless moments that can range from enjoyable to plain boring. Though, these pointless moments, are for the best, emotional. The results here shouldn’t be surprising. Denpa Onna concludes in a unsatisfying and completely out of place way that leaves you a bitter taste in the end. In other word, what it needs is a satisfying sequel with a much, much better direction.
however it is one of the most boring anime I ever saw......don't watch it,you will not regret it!

awkwardusername awkwardusername

/* Ooi, i'm giving it a 9.25???!!!
* waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

and that's a C style comment. Bummer

evelluchia evelluchia

i have to say it was interisting and well fun to watch ^-^ i found it a bit too short though but very cute and ameusing im hopeing for a second season out of all of the characters i found erio touwa was such a cute character so shy and well an oddball but very cute and fun i would reccamend this series to anyone more or less as something nice to watch ^-^

mbeckley mbeckley

This anime is quite a cute oddball. Very funny, unique, weird, and philosophical. Like how outer space and the underwater are symbolized as mysteries, esp us humans' minds in the anime. And I liked Yashiro's ESP theory. Very deep.
Hope and never give up are very deep themes within the anime.

randomly--random randomly--random

The idea of Denpa having a self-proclaimed alien girl reminded me of Nino from Arakawa Under the Bridge. Story-wise, Denpa is just another slice of life anime. The only thing that made it interesting is Touwa, Erio being a self-proclaimed alien and Niwa, Makoto and his inner thoughts about everything. The conclusion isn't anything big and doesn't seem like a conclusion at all. Character-wise, they're al cute and very typical for a slice of life style of anime. Erio is an interesting character having a mysterious reason as to why she proclaims herself as an alien though my personal favorite has to be Niwa. By his looks, he reminds me of Ryuugamine, Mikado from DURARARA!! and I just personally like characters who have funny inner thoughts. As for the music, nothing really special. Background music is pretty standard and doesn't really standout. As for the seiyuus, they pretty much fit their roles well though no one really stands out. As for the art, I have to admit that it's really good. I has this refreshing feeling on the art. The character designs are good and that has to be one of the reasons this anime is worth watching(: Overall, Denpa is a pretty good anime to watch for a pass time. If you like Arakawa Under the Bridge, you will probably gain interest in watching this too though Denpa doesn't have much comedy like Arakawa.

kagehikari kagehikari

Very sweet and colorful anime)
It gives the feeling of lightness and happiness. But nevertheless it is a little bit strange. Somehow it reminds me of bakemonogatari but a little bit simplified.It is easier to perceive it.
As to the style of this anime, I like how the characters are designed and the whole atmosphere of this series.

ghost945 ghost945

characters are loveable. the mother of erino is definitely a comic relief. the point system that our main lead uses at end of every episode brings back good memories of my youth. quality of artwork - apart from the female characters, others are so so given today's technology. overall, fun to watch but so far seems to lack a central theme.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

Is it just me or the japanese anime industry is focused on bringing in BAND NEW ideas ?.
Another fabulous work. A transfer student living with his aunt who just turned 40 years old, with her only strange doughter who calls herself an alien abducted.
The aunt and her grand mother beleave in aliens.
A daily life cut scene anime, with no exclusive storyline nor any good plot, but i enjoyed it as i enjoy the best school, romantic anime.


I have fallen in LOVE with this anime...... it's just screaming MOE all over the place and maybe some cousin incest....*kyaa*. The animation makes me feel super bubbly, and I can't help but laugh at the humor produced in the anime. I completely love how Makoto-kun charts the events that happen to him as "adolescent points" at the end of the show ~I also love his Erio-chan filter, which for "some reason" makes her look super radiant and kawaii. Obviously the thing that makes this show super cute and somehow mysterious is of course Erio-chan, who walks around with a futon warped around her and apparently has amnesia as well, her aloof personality and I am going to say charm adds a total plus.The anime which is produced by Shaft opens up with "Os Alien" , performed by Erio o Kamatte-chan, and the ending theme ~my favorite~ "Lulu" is sung by Etsuko Yakushimaru. I totally recommend this to anybody who has watched Arakawa Under the Bridge, since it has a similar style. As for the story and developement.... well I haven't watch enough to comment just yet, but soon.

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