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Shinichi Kudou, a high school student, is considered as the Sherlock Holmes of the 21st century. While at Tropical Island Amusement Park with his childhood friend, Ran Mouri, he witnesses a shady deal take place and is suddenly knocked unconscious and given a drug that would kill him. Instead of killing him, his appearance is changed to that of a seven year old. Now as Conan Edogawa (a combination of detective story writers from Ranpo Edogawa and Arthur Conan Doyle), he's hiding out in his childhood friend's place, which her father happens to run as a Detective Agency, solving cases in order to find those that gave him the drug.

By: joeshen

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Slsfavanime's Detective Conan Tv Review

Rated: 8

I find it hard to look for the VCD or DVD of this 5th movie. I have 1 copy from my friend but i just worried that i watched it too often that i will spoil... So i was really hoping to look for a new one. Em... to tell the truth, i almost watch it for 10 times... (Crazy!) Ok but u should not missed this movie if u r a Conan fans. And for those who love detective story. Compare to the first few movie, this one is better in the case of story plot... Well for those who love KID will of cos choose 3rd movie. For the 1st movie i can say its the most romantic story and 2nd movie is more like a who's-next-to-die, the 3rd one is of cos dedicated for KID and 4th is for Ran n Shinichi! I have watch till the 8th movie. The 6th is for Conan to meet his idol (Holmes).

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Member Opinions

Aiira Aiira

The longest anime I have ever come across. Started watching this in 3rd grade (7-8 years old). It was my favourite anime at the time and is still one of my favourites today. The fact that only a few people discovered Conan's true identity and that Ran can never guess who he really is has been quite entertaining for the past 15+ years. How the criminals come up with their crazy tricks to accomplish their so called mission and the fact that no one ever question the obvious that when Kogorou or Sonoko solves the mystery their mouths do not move or they are always sleeping and does not remember their moment of glory. The manga has been going on for years and years and still keeps me in my toes and the anime has quite develop itself but still with a few loopholes. I'm about 100% sure that when Conan goes back to his Shinichi form permanently all fans of this anime will jump up in joy but then again keep in mind the title of the anime is Detective Conan, so we may never see the light of Shinichi staying permanently again.

Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

One of the best and longest anime ever. I thought this anime wasn't all that interesting and was poorly animated, I didn't really like the character designs too, but its funny moments, romance, drama, mystery, as well as slice of life, make me keep reading this series. I think It has the very unique plot, most are based on the mysteries. The cases, suicide cases, murder cases, kidnappings are so interesting. This is an anime/manga I'd recommend for all ages. :)

WalkingEncyclopedia WalkingEncyclopedia

Shinichi/Conan is brilliant!!! Love Kaito Kid and Hattori Heiji as well. And Shinichi's mum simply kicks ass XD
The cases are ingenious and they don't ever repeat. Though the motives of the culprit are more or less the same.
Hilarious and light-hearted at times, but can also make viewers thoughtful about human nature.
There are only 2 things I want to complain about the series:
1. It doesn't make sense how Ran and those police officers never know the truth about Conan. And every time Ran came close to finding out, she was easily fooled into backing down or simply had some kind of convenient amnesia. Bugs me to no end.
2. The big plot (about the Black Organisation) drags on for too long. Is this series ever going to end???
But the movies are really enjoyable. Though once again, it doesn't make sense how people just don't SEE that Conan is Shinichi even after he fired a gun, skateboarded across two skycrapers, drove a speedboat, flew a plane, flew a helicopter...
Still, I really love the relationship between Shinichi and Ran. They are one of my favourite couples in the world of anime!!! <3

dchoggia14 dchoggia14

Well, I no longer watch the series but still watch DC movies. I agree with most people if DC is very interesting story line but even the many it characters is childern. I not see DC will fit with childern younger than 13 age. Too many explicit murder case, how the suspect kill their victims. That just like telling kids how to kill without get known. So I not recommended DC for kids and agree if this anime got cencored.

HurtHattori HurtHattori

Detective Conan was one of the first manga I've read. I'm not a huge fan of the manga right now because the main story isn't progressing anymore and I don't watch the weekly episodes, but I read the volumes when they come out in French and watch the movies with great interest.

SolemnSerpent SolemnSerpent

Combining two of my favorite things- anime and crime mysteries, is like magic to me. This is without a doubt, the longest series I've ever come across. I mean, 600+ episode is no joke! I'll have to double check, but the only thing I've seen running this long is the manga for Hajime no Ippo. Still, as the show goes long, it it's wonderfully entertaining, and it's exciting to try and figure out the mysteries/tricks along with the detectives. At times, there are episodes where the answer to the mystery is obvious, and it's impossible to ignore some plot holes. For instance: does no one really question the fact that Mouri's lips never move when he's deducing a mystery under the influence of Conan? Why do they always end up with large groups of people, who have a murder scheme underway - every other day? Why is almost every murder scheme so freakishly well-planned out with wires, invisible tape, and impeccable timing? If Haibara is so scared about people discovering her identity, then why doesn't she just change her appearance? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootie Pop? The world may never know.

orange-lisa orange-lisa

I've never seen a corpse in my life and this brat is always involved in crime scenes, wherever he goes... I can't believe it! However, nice detective-anime with countless cases, everyone different from the others, even if it's toooo long! The main story develops at the same speed of a snail's walk.

JIMMY KUDO: "I don't know how strong your reason is for killing but when saving a life.... reasons are not needed."

AlexaClyne AlexaClyne

If only it weren't so long! ♥ I love this show to bits~ ♥ The cases are nicely written and each character are just amazing at what they are doing (including Kogoro when doing his hack deductions, lol.) I keep squealing over Shinichi(or usually Conan using his real voice) and Ran whenever they go all lovey-dovey, Hattori and his... Hattori-ness(xDD), the Detective Boys, there's so much in this show that I just CAN'T EVEN--! *dies xD*

sakurarukia0506 sakurarukia0506

Too long for both anime and manga,haizzzz...but the drawing is not as good as in manga.Also because I like Haibara the most( the others is great too),and she is not the main character,so she doesn't appear much( 129 eps and she appeared,arghhhh >x<),that's why...oh by the way her name is so beautiful,all of them,woahhh,Miyano Shiho,Cherry,Haibara ^v^.

sister30 sister30

I like this a lot.
Is an interesting character. In particular,Conan Edogawa
Conan Edogawa,He is a wise man. Very witty.
He was observant Solve the problem very well.
Not only this. Guess he was not a fan of his heart out.
At the same time, he played terrible.
Cute girl in this very
Ee by Ee Tong is a man of patience, fear of ghosts.

PrincessKou PrincessKou

I've seen every episode that has aired and I'm hoping for more. I've also read the manga and it's great. I really love Shinichi, I love the couple ran - shinichi, I hope that one day he can return to normal.

ecnelisterger ecnelisterger

Where the heck did Gosho Aoyama get the ideas for all the cases in Detective Conan?xD
The cases were awesomely created and solved perfectly, and it also have interesting characters! But some only increase our boiling points.
But he only thing I would like to complain is the story length and the characters and plot are fine by me.

angelxxuan angelxxuan

it's the show that does not end... I don't think this anime is ever going to end. it's not all that bad, and it's very unusual for me to like an extremely long anime and not watch it on fast forward a lot, granted I do come and go with this anime due to it's length but I actually watch this one and not just via spoilers either.

riho88riho riho88riho

Although this is mostly a filler series, when it does come and get to plot episodes, there is much demand and anticipation. The real plot (that at times is hidden by fillers) is very much in depth and has probably only been touched on the surface. There are still so many unanswered questions, and the ones that were answered just lead to more questions. We're rootin' for ya Shinichi~!

The fillers themselves, if watched all at once would get annoying; but if you watched them every-now-and-then you'll find that the series is very desirable and the fillers are still good as well (especially those that someone finds out his identity or comes really close).

Klappy Klappy

As a fan of detective themes, Detective Conan definitely belongs at the top of my list. While the general art style is not something you would consider as the best, the art for the murder periods may pass as top-notch. And you have to hand it to Aoyama-sensei; who other person could come up with ingenious murder plots for each chapter? The manga is running at 700 chapters and the murders are at no end.

There are some points that one would find disagreeable. Often times, one would think Shinichi/Conan is too knowledgeable, but then again, can anyone really complain? Another point is that when you think of it, wherever Conan is, a murder occurs. It's sort of a humorous thing if you ask me. There are also times when the series gets to a point where one can get bored of the repeated murders, thought that's exactly what the series is about and there's no changing that.

You'd have to love Detective Conan for the sheer enjoyment of learning each trick used for each murder, and just how smart Conan has proved himself to be. A thought though: what if a real psychopath uses the manga as a manual? Creepy, right? I just hope not. :)

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