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The OVA was only released with the Playstation version of the Demonbane game. The Demonbane visual novel was first released in 2003 as a hentai game, although the Playstation 2 version was not.
The OVA is based solely on the plot of the game, and is very cryptic unless one plays and understands the actual game.

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Member Opinions

Davo Davo

This anime is another from the pair Gonzo-Nitroplus, adapted from the original Visual Novel Deus Machina Demonbane for PC (not ps2 version), this anime have a good animation, music and draw (very solid style).

The adaptation Even with 24 chapters needs more chapters... after watch'em probably you notice some wholes in the plot, the problem here is the omission of parts from original story to fit in 24 chapters, much of the Nero's plot has been cutted...if you played this visual novel (PC version) the omitted part of story is irrelevant 'cuz this anime is focused and intended for people who has played this novel, but for people who has never played the visual novel they probably miss part of the plot.

Darthas Darthas

The anime can't be compared to the game, which is alot better. The storyline is good, everything is summed up rather well from a game to just a few episodes. I reccommend getting the game, however.

Rather dull and dry review but it's all i can do for now.

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