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Nightbringer3000's Devil Hunter Yohko Tv Review

Rated: 9

I think this quite humorous I enjoyed watching the grandma wake Yohko up everytime with something funny! DHY is enjoyable most of the time. The only part I really didnt enjoy was the hentai related scenes and thoughts. This is a classic so I'd recommend this to anyone able to stand a bit of Hentai here and there. As I have said before, Devil Hunter Yohko is a Japanese Anime about a 16 year old girl who has to hunt devils and demons, and her name is Yohko. She is the 108th generation hunter. The only problem is she doesn't want to be! She would rather chase boys and go to school. That is a prtty good plot. I enjoyed the fighting but sometimes it got a little too graphic. I didn't like how the anime ended at 6 episodes but that's alright! I'm gonna think on the bright side today.

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I own this on both VHS and DVD in its entirely. I actually got it after seeing a preview for episode 6 on another release, and like what I saw (as well as the song). However, the series kind of see-sawed between good and bad episodes, and the first one especially went a little further than I'd have liked.

minayuri minayuri

Devil Hunter Yohko is a pretty awesome OVA series, I enjoyed the concept of the series of it being a supernatural version of Sailor Moon, even though Yohko predates the Sailor Moon anime series, there are similarities there with Yohko being as boy-crazy as Usagi and having similar hairstyles, but with each episode Yohko develops into a badass demon slayer. Take note that the series is only five episodes long with a music video collection included also the first episode contains sexual situations and the series henshin sequences are fanservice shots, so DHY also has some Cutey Honey undertones as the henshin sequences contain full frontal nudity. Aya Hisakawa, best known as Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury voices Yohko and she does a fantastic job with the role and she also voiced Yohko's dark twin cousin Ayako in the final episode, and the song "Touch My Heart" is a well arranged song as Hisakawa performs it as a duet between her two characters. I wish that DHY was a longer series though, for I enjoyed this series very much and how Yohko develops as a character.

angelxxuan angelxxuan

meh, could have been worse I suppose. I do believe this was my first ecchi anime with the perverted theme that I had watched. it made me curious for more perverted anime :P but I have to admit it wasn't all that bad, the plot and artwork carried, it was just the whinny subbed voices that was just too much for me.

bdanime05 bdanime05

I've seen most of this series and it was ok. Not the best, but not total garbage either. Does have a little bit of H-themes in it, so be prepared. May finish the last few episodes if I ever find the time.

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