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Tanya2000 Tanya2000

И так данное произведение это шедевр тупости в японской анимации . Главная героиня отдельная тема , более тупой тянки я не видела . Смысл , его нет каждую серию какой-то "няшный" вампир пьет кровь героини и все больше нечего, и с каждой серией это выглядит все пошлее . Я и смотреть не хотела , но на всех русских сайтах у этого аниме оценка 7-8 не меньше . И так подводя итог, если вам нравится смотреть как по очереди все мужские персонажи мучают главную героиню (мучают слабо сказано ) смотрите ,а остальным не следует смотреть ЭТО

banraider banraider

The only reason i watched the anime is Cordelia, i like her very much, her clothes and her hair is awesome! she's very beautiful,
as for the rest of the anime, it is simply horrible, we get the anime drawing and coloring are amazing,but why the story line and the plot is miserable?? is it hard to make a good otome story?? by the way, Yui is the first otome girl that i feel sorry for her, poor
girl, to be dumped in this asylum, all those vampire boys disgust me very much, two words for them "Get a Personality", my vote is
2, one for Cordellia and one for the graphics.

SevaVioletShadow SevaVioletShadow

I knew that this anime is sucks since the minute I've knew that it's IDEA FACTORY , yes they can't make a good story at all, we get the idea they make Otome kinds but this isn't otome, it's about a house full of insane people one day the victim come and the story begins, it's all about torturing and sadisms, yuck!! i watched because of the amazing coloring and drawing, although i never liked the whole characters, not even one! just one character that i liked it's drawing, Cordelia, but sadly she doesn't show up much, so the rest of the episodes is full of ugly people, and the main character Yui, i feel sorry for her really, for being like a juice can for them, ah by the way this is the worse anime i watched in my entire life, (it's the first, the second is Anmesia).

todsen todsen

Uhh I don't even know how to rate this. Subaru, Shuu, Ruki and Ayato and that dummy head mic practically ruined a month of my life.

My rating was just a random figure. The anime, well, I liked the animation and the designs. It's well-animated despite the many details especially the hair. If I were gonna rate this based on visuals, it's 9.

I'll say this though: The game shouldn't have been adapted to just 12 episodes. The anime didn't cover everything from the first game (DL: Haunted Dark Bridal), not to mention the second game (DL: More Blood) which was released after the anime had aired. It didn't expand on Yui's dad's (Seiji) involvement with the Sakamaki's even though that bit was basically the only focus of Yui during the first half of the series. (e__e) It didn't completely expand on why the brothers were like that, aka stuff about their childhood. Shuu and Reiji's backstory was incomplete---Edgar's name didn't have to be mentioned if his story wasn't gonna be shown anyway. Laito's and Kanato's past were, uhh, really not appropriate to be shown, but at least theirs could have been mentioned clearly or something. And lastly, about the thing with Cordelia and Richter. It was obvious that Cordelia was the main antagonist in the first game, but the anime gave off the feeling that Richter was the mastermind, and not her. And about Karl Heinz, well, a second season should be made based on the second game to explain what he had been really up to since the beginning. Although the second game didn't seem to have a closure (it had a weird plot, thanks Karl) and so came a third one! DL: Dark Fate---I don't know much about it, except that there's gonna be more vamps, obviously. Ganbatte, Yui-chan...

Welp with this, I'm done with otome.

//Edited. Oops no second season. It was just a re-run.//


... we do like vampire-themed but Dialov's anime version is just so-so.
Egaku didn't watch this, merely because she didn't like reversed-harem themed. While Oni watching this, merely because she listened to the drama CD...


I think tht its really good, but i am very curious about what they mean about "the awkening will come soon..." and Ayo's mom poping up everywhere and giving Yui some kind of heartattack every time they look at each other. I personaly would LOVE it if Yui turned out to be some kind of royal vampire or legendary and been discaiusged as a human like Yuki in Vampire Knight. But the series is still going on and all so i hope to get some answers soon.

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