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On 1st August 1999, seven children went to a Summer Camp.
An unexpected blizzard occurred at the campsite, each of them receives a mysterious object called Digivice; that falls from an aurora in the sky. Soon after, they are all being sucked into a portal in front of a large waterfall; which is caused by the mysterious powers of the Digivice.

After regaining consciousness, they soon find themselves in a unfamiliar place called the Digital World. They each befriended with a creature known as Digimon. They must learn to grow and trust in their partners and in each other, if they ever hope to defeat other evil Digimon and hopefully restore the Digital World back to its original state. They eventually learn that they must return to the real world to find the eighth child to join in their fight as digidestined.

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Daos' Digimon Adventure Tv Review

Rated: 8

Overall, this anime is quite something. From season to season it seems to get worse, I think the creators were pushing the anime too much. The characters might be different in each season, but they look like their clones (or at least their personalities do). This is still a pretty good anime, I quite enjoyed watching it. Each time they went to a different place the scenery changed from a cute candy shop to a dark and murky desert.
There were also fights, which was normal and essential. Some of the battles were quite cool, although it looked like a "My horse is bigger than your horse" thing. Bam, bam! Pow! Pow! The good guy draws out the missiles, while the bad guy uses some sort of shield.

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Member Opinions

Blue-Crescent Blue-Crescent

What I love about this anime is that it is filled with so much emotions especially to the Digimons. I always admire how they depicted the wonderful bonds between the Chosen children and their Digimon partners. I love the idea of the crest and finding it at the end that what just the crest represents is what truly in their heart.Truly they are beautiful values that are vital in our existence and co-existence.Lastly, the ending is a heart-crusher and even how many times I watch it,it will still bring me to my tears.

Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

I remember watching this series on T.V. when I was younger, just hearing it brings back many memories from my childhood. This was my favorite anime. X3 The characters are all well done and interesting, even the Digimons have their own personalities and they can speak. The Japanese intros and outros are both very good, so good that I've even downloaded and tried to memorize them.. and I began to love Japanese songs after hearing them. The creature designs and evolutions are very creative in my opinion.

StevOmaru StevOmaru

I have a lot of fond memories waking up early on Saturday mornings and watching new episodes and enjoying all of them. Saying that I really believe that the very young demographic are the only ones that can really enjoy this show because it's just too empty for older audiences. Fun plot similar to pokemon, but thats it.

Lunariha Lunariha

This, together with (the classic) Pokemon, was a very big part of my childhood. I really loved the whole idea of kids being chosen and then transported to this cool digital world where the go on this great adventure. Best of all, they got to each have a 'pet' Digimon. I remember this being shown on Fridays (the time it first aired here), and it's the same timeslot as Pokemon (w/c was aired in another channel)...and we chose watching this over Pokemon (although we did switched it to Pokemon during commercial breaks)

SolemnSerpent SolemnSerpent

Good times have been had while watching this series, so much so that I sat down the other day and tried re-watching the series. It was sub-par at best, but it's easy to see why a younger audience is able to enjoy it. It's in the same category as Pokemon - fun to watch, exciting for younger crowds, nicely marketable. As one gets older, it's charm may wear off, but the nostalgia off it all never does. I wouldn't recommend it to older folks (unless you too would like a trip down Memory Lane), but if I ever had a kid, I'd buy this for them in a heartbeat.

Kisaky Kisaky

I love Digimon. is able to live in a world of my own, flying in dreams and always believe until the end. Experience an adventure that never again will return and that is unique and unrepeatable. Something that remains in the stomach and whispers. To have a monster on your side Digital becoming your best friend * ç *

KiyanaIkebana KiyanaIkebana

digimon adventure is very interesting for me! why? maybe it is connect with the first season that I really like! And I'm verry happy to see the old charas that they grow up! Especially Karin and T.K. my favorites! And I was very happy about the end of this anime!
Totally finish with the charas dreams come true

Nalataia Nalataia

My first anime. The first season is the best ever tought the second one and the forth one are also good. Maybe the drawing is not the best but it has something that attracts you... it is like enter the orbit of a black hole; you cannot leave.

And digimons are sou cute and great. Every child who has seen digimon dreams about them... i really wanted to be Agumon's mate. He was my favourite one, the dino-digimon ^^.

It can seem a childish anime... and, in some ways, it is but this is what matters less; if you're having fun, the age is not important.

In my opinion, Digimon Adventure is a wonderful anime everyone must see.

symphonyofthieves symphonyofthieves

As a kid, this show would have been an automatic 10 from me. I watched it every morning before school, and MY school was cool; instead of trading pokemon cards, we played Digimon on the playground ;D But rewatching this show now that I'm older, while I still love it to bits, a lot of the early episodes seemed dragged out as the kids learned how to help their digimon. So re-watch wise it was a bit tiresome that way, but it's a classic and I'll always love it.

riho88riho riho88riho

This series always brings back memories from the childhood days of waking up early Saturday mornings to watch anime on TV. *sigh* Good ol' days.

Digimon has always held a part of my heart (but only for the adventure series one and two, anything beyond just screwed up too much). This is more of a children's series but I think can be enjoyed by anymore. It has comedy, action, and a good plot that is hard to resist sometimes. Either way, thinking about this is making me wanna rewatch xD

Whammy Whammy

One of the more nostalgic series for me, Digimon Adventure 01 and 02 are pretty good series. Some things were a bit slow, and there were some plot threads that could have been expanded on but sadly weren't (Dark Ocean), and admittedly the final villains were kind of bad (Apocalymon and MaloMyotismon respectively). However, overall, this is a pretty good series. There is actual character development and a goal, unlike the series Pokemon that it gets compared to (no offense to those who like Pokemon). The characters are rather memorable for me, and to this day Myotismon from 01 is one of my favorite villains of all time. It was sad he kind of got taken down a notch in 02.

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