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Five kids receive strange messages on their cell phones. They are led to a train station. Once aboard the train-like Trailmon they are taken to the Digital World. They soon learn that the evil Cherubimon is trying to take over the digital world. In order to save the Digital World they must find and merge with their respective spirit. With these spirits they will evolve into Legendary Warrior Digimon.

Contributed by Mew1Mokuba

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Member Opinions

Kisaky Kisaky

Very nice, really. When I first saw it I did not understand completely. I thought it was weird
but instead I changed my mind, the story is fantastic.
These guys are kind of catapulted into this game and then it all ends the same way.
My favorite character is Koichi, he was there as a last will ç_ç wanted to know his brother

lilylily09 lilylily09

I love Digimo Frontier. I watch this story maybe when i 10age. I never forget this series. This series is very important for me. Anything that happen with character in this series is look like something that have happened to me, especially friend. Feeling as new student like Izumi is look like me because new student doesn't have anyone want to talk with. Kouji is the most favorite of mine. I always want love from my parents seem Kouji wanted from his mother. I hope one day I can find one place to make myself courage look like Tomoki.

KiyanaIkebana KiyanaIkebana

The first season of digimon that they don't have digimon pattner but they have fusion together! Very interesting! I like the charas too. they are very likeable XD and they so 2 grades of transformation! I don't know but I like it!

symphonyofthieves symphonyofthieves

Frontier seemed to get negative reviews because the kids became the digimon, getting rid of the digimon-human bond; but I loved this one BECAUSE it was different, BECAUSE it was a unique twist. Actually, I think it's my favourite season of Digimon to be honest. There's just something about it that I loved from the first episode on.

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