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Takato was a fan of the digimon card game and always dreamed and fantasized what it’d be like to have a digimon of his own. One day he receives a blue card that changes his simple card reader into a digivice. It later takes Takato’s drawing and creates Takato’s digimon Guilmon. When they first met Guilmon calls him Takatomon believing Takato to be a digimon too. Soon after that he meets another tamer Henry and his digimon Terriermon. They soon become fast friends.

They eventually meet Rika and her partner Renamon. At the beginning she rejects all attempts at friendship believing the only way to make her partner stronger was to fight. She eventually learns that to be a good tamer requires more than just fighting. As digimon start to appear at random they must try to stop them from wreaking havoc on the city. They also meet a lone digimon named Calumon who gives the digimon the power to digivolve. What the Tamers don’t know is that a secret organization named Hypnos is trying to destroy all digimon!

Credit: Mew1Mokuba

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Member Opinions

Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

I watched this one when I was a kid. It's really good... for kids. The story was interesting, but not so different from the other Digimon series. It was mostly about friendship, fighting bad guys, saving the world, and such.

Kisaky Kisaky

One aspect of the digital world is increasingly complex and fun. I find it amazing that the digimon tamers,
digimon fight with their skin trying everything they hear. The beautiful soundtrack will always remain in the lead.

KiyanaIkebana KiyanaIkebana

Hm... the story was simple. the design too. I think it's veery normal anime :D maybe a little boring. What I don't like so much it's the using of cards too level up they digimon patner. but the digimons have amazing levels! XD

FlyAwayGrenade FlyAwayGrenade

Probably one of my favorite seasons, the season which had the best characters (To me), the best soundtrack and digimon, story was alright but it wasnt very good towards the end (With the hole blob digimon idea ._.)

Paragade Paragade

I thought that this season was really well done. I loved the whole "Darker and Edgier" thing it had going on. Rika and Henry remain among my favorite anime characters. The plot and character development was really good.