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minayuri minayuri

Both the TV series and Flash very very good and fun to watch, however Flash does more for me with the performances of Rica Matsumoto and Mariko Kouda as Kei and Yuri, especially with 2 OP and ED songs each that both seiyuu sang that I enjoy listening to and different stories each Mission had, plus it Flash has character development for Kei and Yuri and they evolve throughout their series. Also Flash has more interesting episodes, especially for Missions 1-2 as there is actual overarching story arcs in both of them. The 3rd is really amazing too such as the ones with Kei protecting a baby from assassins and Yuri inspiring a young boy in what real relationships are like between two people. Plus, there was a balance in the dramatic and comedic in Flash. Unfortunately, the original sticks to the episodic style and doesn't compensate by having character development, the two standalone OVA's Nolandia and 005 are not that great, especially the former which was painful to watch, and the movie EDEN is a slight improvement, but nothing spectacular. I didn't like the shift in animation style from the TV series to the OVA's in the original, the OVA's was too cartoonish and I prefer the TV series designs better.

Cirru Cirru

A basic action anime with two women touring the galaxy and arresting people. Both seem to be rather clueless at times and have a disregard for how much damage they cause in trying to capture their targets. A decent watch for a night with not much going on.

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