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Weskalia's Dog Days Tv Review

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Rated: 4

A lot of Dog Days is pure insipid, you've seen this kind of story and thousand times, and furthermore, you've seen it in better-animated and better-written. The series looks and acts exactly like every other empty fantasy romance out there. Sure it's cute, but not remarkably so. Sure its optimism and simplicity may make you want to gag, but with a little effort. You know how they say that you can't look away from a train wreck? Dog Days is very similar to a train wreck, both in its speed and the totality of its ultimate destruction, but unlike the wreck, it's all too easy to look away from. And that's death for a television series.

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Member Opinions

JauneAmaretto JauneAmaretto

My favourite anime ever. DOG DAYS is fabulous and full of excitement. Animation is wonderful and characters ultra-loli and lovable. (Especially squirrels ≧∇≦) I shall recommend this for everyone.

InuyashaRulesssss InuyashaRulesssss

I really enjoyed this series. I felt like the first season was the best. The second one was more of a fan service one. Don't get me wrong. I still really liked it. There wasn't any characters that I didn't enjoy. Enclair was probably my favorite =)

Dancerinthedark Dancerinthedark

On a personal note, I had quite high hopes for this show. With a good amount of successful anime stemming from being original anime series, Dog Days, having that element, combined with having an excellent seiyuu cast and being animated and directed by the staff from the animation studio Seven Arcs, seemed highly promising to deliver a successful show. However for the most part they did not.

Story and Setting

Dog Days is a 13 episode original series which revolves around a boy called Cinque or Shinku who is transported into a medieval fantasy land called Flonyard as a hero of the country Biscotti, to fight against the nation of Gallette. From this premise, it was possible for the show to develop into something complex, but the setting of the show, being light-hearted in a manner suiting children, nullified most prospects of there being any serious conflicts or development from the get-go. As viewers will soon discover in Episode 1, war between nations is almost perfectly safe, with inhabitants either turning into animal fluff-balls or having their clothes blown off, a somewhat hilarious foil to the seriousness of actual warfare. However, this is not to say that Dog Days is a show completely suited to children. Seven Arcs being Seven Arcs, there are traces of fanservice here and there and a darkish twist when the 'villain' emerges.

evelluchia evelluchia

i really have to say it was very good i found it was a very fun adventure and as well it was very cute hehe XD i loved it quite a bit art wise it was very wel done though it had a but of a childish presentation it still was nice ^-^ it makes me wonder are there worlds like this out there? i reccamend to anyone who like a good and cute fantasy ^-^

randomly--random randomly--random

I refer to DOG DAYS a poorly titled anime with a kiddie show style of presentation. Story-wise, it's a fantasy style battle anime. A typical middle schooler, Izumi, Cinque, is brought to another world and is called the hero. He is tasked to save Republic of Biscotti from Galette. The story is fairly easy to understand and it makes me think that it targets younger audience. Character-wise, they never really made my top characters since they're not really interesting and are somehow too typical. Probably, the character that I personally liked the most is Cinque. As for the music, both OP and ED perfectly fit the anime very well having that fantasy-battle feeling to it. Background music is typical and fitting enough for the anime though nothing really stands out. As for the voice acting, hearing Miyano, Mamoru's voice is practically the main reason why I decided to watch this poorly titled anime. I have to admit that I really like Cinque mostly because of hi voice since I am a big fan of Miyano. Other than that, no one standout to me. As for he art, there isn't anything special about it. It's pretty standard and the background characters aren't given much effort like the people who join the wars, they all look the same. Other than that, I don't really have much complains. The character designs are well done and fitting for the genre of the anime. Overall, DOG DAYS is a pretty good fantasy anime to watch as a pass time.

evilxangel evilxangel

This was a fun anime to watch.The story had good turn of events.This is one of the few anime that didn't had a evil character which surprised me a bit and the idea of being defeated then being turn into animal ball was really cool.For people that has years watching anime this one is not great but for first timer I think they would enjoy it.The opening song was great!And the battle attacks too they were in high definition and could be fully appreciated.

ghost945 ghost945

style and characters too childish. the idea about war is rather refreshing. lots of characters and relationships to comprehend in one episode. artist quality as usually very high standard. plot-wise, so far seems to be old fashioned - summoning hero character from modern world. hero character learn the way of this world, grow, falls in love, develop friendships etc etc. those being defected are so cute.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

Magneficant idea. Brilliant presentation and awesome voice acting.. Story line.. Yeah it is unique and of same typical idea of anime (no one is a bad guys thing ) But unlike Naruto and Bleach this anime has a HUGE quantity of FUN.

Quite impressive and Mood-Clearing anime...(thats what i named it :))

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