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In a nameless city, where there is no law, the story revolves around four main characters:

There's Badou, a chain smoker and a nicotine addict and his partner Haine, a genetic experiment of the past ages with regenerative abilities and a soft spot for those like him; Naoto, a girl with no memories of her past who wields a katana left to her by her mentor and Mihai, a former killer who is still haunted by his past.

The fates of those four intertwine as they search for the ways to deal with their own problems and ghosts of their pasts in the dark corners of the Underground.

By: Alenas

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Member Opinions

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Pretty good. I prefer the manga though. It'd be nice if they made this an anime series; instead of a few OVA's, that followed the manga, I think that would be pretty awesome. Currently reading the manga.

Kalrathia Kalrathia

I don't know why I ended up watching this anime. I think it's because I've always been attracted by the character of Haine, and I wanted to know more about him. So this series surprised me in a great way, beacuse I wasn't really expecting anything, and I liked it.

Alenas Alenas

The anime (well, OVAs technically) were kind of a letdown since they could've added so much more to the whole mix animation and music-wise (it was just so...not fit for the whole DOGS universe which needed more gritty and grungy stuff) but since the OVAs were basically an adaptation of the DOGS Introduction manga, I suppose we couldn't exactly expect much.

Manga is still a hundred times better. I'll stick to that.

WalkingEncyclopedia WalkingEncyclopedia

Tightly-packed, non-stop action. Intriguing characters that seem unrelated at the beginning but whose fates will eventually cross one and other. Though I must say Heine Rammsteiner stands out too much from the other three main characters and it is rather hard to pay attention to the other three though they are also interesting. That is partly due to Takahiro Sakurai being his seiyuu, but mostly it is because of his uber-coolness.
I have read the manga and I find the OVAs not enough to satisfy me. I hope they will make a canon anime in the future :)

SolemnSerpent SolemnSerpent

The Manga: Utterly amazing.

The OVA: Utter crap storm. Sure it was fantastic seeing out favorite characters come to life via animation, however this OVA lacked a certain 'magic', and felt dull and lifeless in comparison to the explosive manga. Not to mention that the animation was sub-par was well, and didn't have dynamic qualities as the scenes in the manga. Overall, I'd say ditch the OVA and immerse yourself into this manga - you won't regret it.

singlemoon singlemoon

Even thou it's just have 4 episodes, it's enough for me to conclude how great this series is. I'm sure the manga are way greater, so I'll find some time for the manga.
I like the graphic, I don't know how to put it in words, but it just gives off a different feeling.
Of all the character, my favorite would be Naoto, cause she's swinging a samurai sword with awesome expression for goodness sake.
Overall, it great and I'm looking forward for the manga.

Summer67 Summer67

Very fun series. I totally loved how it was written and animated, as well as how the characters would be in a very serious type situation yet, have something funny or humorous bad luck happen. I'm pretty sure at some point I'll rewatch this series in the future, especially since it wasn't a very long one.

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

The manga is something I really need to read. Just by watching the OAVs you can tell it has to be awesome! Interesting threads of four people, nicely drawed and original. Will let you know when I finish the manga.

oukafriend oukafriend

The OVAs basically cover the first volume of the manga, which is all I read. It's pretty consistent with the manga just animated. So basically I dont have much to say. It's like character introductions for each OVA. I heard from someone that follows the manga that the OVA actually isn't so great, but who knows.


Absolutely amazing manga series, but the OVAs released were disappointing. The animation was less than mediocre, and the overall series was very unsatisfying, and did no justice to the manga. It was pretty much just a trigger-happy machine gun shoot off.

Suzusan Suzusan

Well... Being a great fan of the manga, I had hig expectations for this anime, but... They were mostly disappointed!! Where were all the frenesy, all the crazy dinamysm and all the so stylish framing that made the manga so great? Oddly, movement and dinamysm were a lot more perceptible in the manga and NOT in the OVAs, while the plot development continued faithfully but plainly... If they'll ever make a Tv series, I hope it will follow better the manga's spirit: there is a lot of potential in Dogs, and it has to be brought to the surface.


I only have the prelude first volume of Dogs;vol. two was only recently stocked in my local Hastings,and i have yet to pick it up,but thus far it's looking good. Interesting artwork,but I have yet to learn a lot about the plotline as I haven't gotten far. I'm still pursuing this one ^^


I own Volume Zero. I've read parts of the manga, and I've seen the entire OVA. Loved Volume Zero, kinda loved the OVA, and haven't read the rest of the series. But I'll definitely continue it. I loved Naoto and Heine's stories especially.

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