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Domestic na Kanojo Series

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Still in love with his teacher, Hina , Natsuo attends a mixed date to try and forget her. One of the girls there, Rui, seems to be quite unusual: she doesn't participate in karaoke and doesn't try to fit in. In a surprising moment of assertiveness, she proposes to Natsuo to "sneak out" during the date and the two go to her house. After a mutual agreement, Natsou and Rui lose their virginity to each other, but Natsuo is starting to regret moving so fast. And Hina-sensei is still acting very nice towards him, while being completely oblivious to his feelings for her.

Not only that, but it appears Hina and Rui are...siblings?! And Natsuo's dad is planning to marry their mom?!

Credit: pandemonium91

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