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Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

One of my oldest anime ever. It's my first anime and I love it a lot, especially the movies!! I have already watched this anime the day when I haven't even known about anime. This anime is obviously for kids, but I still really enjoy watching it sometimes. I was quite surprised that there are people who didn't know about it because it's really popular in my place. The story is about an irresponsible boy, who always falls into some kind of trouble. Well.., My favorite part about Doraemon is his magical pocket that keeps gadgets from the future. The characters are silly and funny, the story is so hilarious and it has good messages about respect, courage, friendship, as well as family. <333

EdotenseiHime EdotenseiHime

I thought it's an never ending anime :)
but finally, I watched it 'till the end.
the ending is when nobita is married with shizuka, build their own house, and decided to make DORAEMON and send it to the past in order to help himself when he was little :)

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