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Member Opinions

SolemnSerpent rated 3.50:

No. Just no. If anyone thought that Dragonball Z had flaws, then this will drive you nuts. I dislike it so much and find it so unnecessary that I refuse to consider it part of the series. A character died in GT? Doesn't matter, because it's GT and doesn't count. It's even more repetitive than the first series, the plot is understandable, but executed moronically, and the characters are even more hollow/pathetic this time around. I love and hate DBZ for many reasons, but GT has none of the qualities I like, and everything I dislike. The only thing I can say that I'm fond of is the music - mainly the opening theme sung by ZARD, "Don't You See". That's pure nostalgia to me - everything else is a waste of time.

orange-lisa rated 3.00:

I don't like this series... An useless addition.

BABY: "The only thing I'm going to do is kill you as quickly and painfully as possible, so let’s cut to the chase and do what we came here to do."

LightFykki rated 8.00:

Didn't like it as the original series and yes, I do agree with fans about it being a black sheep among it Dragon Ball, but it still was enjoyable to me to certain degree. If you watched both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, then go for this one too. It is also by far the shortest one of these three.

Akiitsu rated 4.00:

Even if I watched it completely I just can't like this thing. It's horrible, but the transformation to Super Saiyajin 4 is very nice, the only thing that was really worth saving from this sequel of the original anime and manga series. The rest is garbage, specially Vegeta in leather, wearing a moustache and cuting his hair (how come he would cut his flame like hair, the very symbol of his royal heritage?!). they killed Vegeta's spirit and pride in this GT thing.

keyblade32 rated 8.50:

This Anime I guess in one of the most popular Anime in the world because it's an old Anime but many Otakus watch this because of it's popularity but also Goku's Kamehameha. This Anime is great so watch it...