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Weskalia's Dragon Ball Z Tv Review

Rated: 8

Since its release, Dragon Ball has become and still remains one of the most successful manga and anime series of all time. So it's no surprise that finally a dedicated adaptation of the manga appears after such a long time. Despite some annoyances, Kai does its best to be considered the best version of this classic shounen franchise. Even if it seems like it is treading unfamiliar grounds in places, cutting of the final Saga, the storytelling and merits provide the lighthearted sense of adventure and great entertainment that make this remade, once in a long time of those long-run shounen anime, such fun.

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Member Opinions

angelxxuan angelxxuan

this wasn't really my first anime, but the first anime that I knew was anime sort of thing. I have seen other anime in the past, but I think I started watching this because there was this guy that liked it and I liked the guy ;) regardless I started to like this. I caught the series right in the middle, so I watched it all the way through from that point and then started to watch the first. I own all the movies and most of the series, I sort of didn't like it before trunks arrived so there :P when kai came out I was actually quite happy, I was able to sit and watch through some of the anime and not have to endure all that trash talk and power ups. although the trash talk was quite funny and I had a few giggle moments.

SavingtheGeneration SavingtheGeneration

Ok, I remember this show a lot more than Dragon Ball. The plot was pretty much the same every season: Find the dragonballs, and then save the world(s) from a Freaky Alien Genotype. It got redundant at times, but watching the characters grow up was what I enjoyed about this show. The characters have real relationships, some bad and some good, and some that even healed or got better over time. I find that a real treat in a show like this. Not many shows portray relationships like that, and I think that is why Dragon Ball Z is still popular even today.


My all time favorite anime ever. What can I say about this, I really can not put it into words, one of the very first anime's I have ever watched since I was in elementary. I still love it today and I can watch it over and over and over again. It never gets old for me.

Cirru Cirru

This was a mediocre action anime. Get defeated, get stronger, defeat the bad guy, get stronger/rest, die?, get reincarnated, etc. It just moved in a very all action and Goku has to almost always be the person to take the bad guy down mode, which was a huge liability for it. This had so much more potential if they would have slowed down the pace and expanded it to more a team-based anime (yes, Tien, Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan and Vegeta do help... but unless you are a Saiyan, you are not in it for the long haul).


I've watch this series on TV when I was a kid. And I admit that this became my favorite when I was a kid, I always watch it after school in television, I like their powers and their hairstyle, and my favorite character back then is Gohan,. The anime is good for little kid, but if I am gonna watch it in my age I will jsut ended up sleeping. The fighting is too over done and their super powers is very strong that it became absurd. I will not watch it anymore. I think that's all. lol

mikeb23 mikeb23

This show is known to pretty much every kid in America that was born before 2000. This show when it was originally shown, had mild swearing, blood, violence and EPIC fight scenes. All the seasons were good (Freza Saga: Most classic saga in anime history, Android/Cell: Awsome mainly becasue of all th epic shit Gohan did...ahem Super Saiyan 2 and EPIC kamehameha... , and Buu Saga: my favorite saga ever in any show. period.) This show unfortunatly had way too much filler when originally aired but thanks to Dragon Ball Z Kai, its been taken out. Highly recommend if you are a true anime fan and for some reason havent seen it...

SolemnSerpent SolemnSerpent

As my childhood anime, this is the most awesome thing ever. Remembering watching it is a fantastic nostalgic trip that I always love taking, but when you get older, you begin to realize that the things you watched as a child, to put it bluntly, utterly fail. Seeing the anime now that I'm older, I realize how repetitive, overlong, and what inconsistent animation it has. Does that mean I no longer love it? No. Actually, I still adore this anime, but in an objective perspective, it's in no way a masterpiece of storytelling and animation.
It's a very interesting anime, but many of the sagas were too dragged out, and some of the villains of the series were pathetic. The best saga of this anime, in my opinion is the Frieza saga. While it is very long, it had a better variation of characters, a decent plot, and each character wasn't as freakishly powerful - which is how they become as the anime progresses. Not only that, but while the dragonballs, which prove to be one of the most memborable aspects of the anime, are very original and interesting, is plot device which makes the anime suffer.
Is a character doing to die in the next episode? Who gives a flying Pwar, they'll be back in another 20 episodes! That's right; pretty much anyone that's slightly important to the series, lives in the end (well, except for some of the antagonists). The Dragonballs are the magic plot device that enable this, and while it's cool, it makes you worry and connect with the character's less. Why would I be anticipating the next battle when It's easy to predict the outcome, or simply, not care at all.
While it's an anime I recommend, I'd certainly wouldn't suggest that one being's watching it, expecting to see a masterpiece.

pikachu36 pikachu36

Now this series of DB is really good! A butt load of action and a lot of cool creatures they fight, which makes this series of the show really good and of coarse you can tell that the animation is slightly better than the first.

xangel0 xangel0

Speaking of DBZ, one of the biggest legends of anime, and guideline for a lot of now famous shonen series. With a very particular artwork, and strong a remarkable characters, makes this series worth for a while. The plot is the same every time, the enemies change, the heroes get stronger and epic battles get settled in earth or in any other part of the entire universe. As time passes and we still see this series airing on TV, we can't deny the popularity of it, anyways it has many static animation, poor sound, and too simple plot lines and too repetitive sequences that maybe at some point can be boring. Anyways its quite enjoyable and can't deny is the master of shonens of all time.

Drakill Drakill

This anime was much better than Dragonball. The artwork was much better in Dragonball Z then in Dragonball. Obviously.
The story line is much better as well. And I think it's great for the story and fanbase that they've made them grown up and stronger.

razor1997 razor1997

I wanna rewatch this legendary series, but it would take a very-very long time so I can't do it that fast. Got to admit, it is very entertaining watching most of the fight scenes between the good guys against the bad guys. The Super Saiyan forms are outstanding.

orange-lisa orange-lisa

Focused above all on battles. I really hate the fact that people revive so easily, that every battle lasts for weeks, that the enemies follow each other as in a climax, from the weakest to the strongest and they always target our Earth. Dragon Ball is an anime that always follows the same repetitive scheme, in which the characters, Goku above all, seem to have no feelings: they only think about training and fighting, they only live for this. Also the fact that the dragon balls can grant any wish diminishes every event: why do you have to be sad about someone's death or the earth exploding into a thousand pieces? In the end it comes down to nothing, everything returns to normality in two seconds and nothing changes.

VEGETA: "Goku! I’d rather die than fuse with you!"
GOKU: "But, Vegeta… we’re already dead!"

KiyanaIkebana KiyanaIkebana

The best season of Dragon balls! It's full action and fun! It's a shonen anime, but I like it very well! :)
Maybe beacuse of the great characters! Especially Trunks! He is my favorite as a child and as a teen too ;D
It's a older anime, but I think is one of the top ;)

pdrawman pdrawman

One of the first animes I've seen. It was an attraction to watch TV in the mid-90's in Chile, issued daily, and I loved it. The school was the subject of conversation and had become a culture through high school. Then he took a TV for excessive violence and occasionally relayed it, but I was eager to see once per second. A cult anime from start to finish, which has not seen it ... simply had no children. Recommended! "10 points"

Akiitsu Akiitsu

I really liked the anime, even if it was repetitive and exaustive sometimes (Eg.: Freeza vs Goku fight in planet Namek). It follows the manga flawlessly, I like it when they don't mess too much with the original plot and the plot from DragonBall plus DragonBall Z is an epic one, following Goku's life since he was a kid until his adulthood... and even grandchildren! In the end it's a good show that deserves the attention. I own all the manga and all the specials in official VHS tapes.