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Weskalia's Dragon Ball Z Tv Review

Rated: 8

Since its release, Dragon Ball has become and still remains one of the most successful manga and anime series of all time. So it's no surprise that finally a dedicated adaptation of the manga appears after such a long time. Despite some annoyances, Kai does its best to be considered the best version of this classic shounen franchise. Even if it seems like it is treading unfamiliar grounds in places, cutting of the final Saga, the storytelling and merits provide the lighthearted sense of adventure and great entertainment that make this remade, once in a long time of those long-run shounen anime, such fun.

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Member Opinions

Silverstarnight rated 10.00:

My all time favorite anime ever. What can I say about this, I really can not put it into words, one of the very first anime's I have ever watched since I was in elementary. I still love it today and I can watch it over and over and over again. It never gets old for me.

Cirru rated 5.50:

This was a mediocre action anime. Get defeated, get stronger, defeat the bad guy, get stronger/rest, die?, get reincarnated, etc. It just moved in a very all action and Goku has to almost always be the person to take the bad guy down mode, which was a huge liability for it. This had so much more potential if they would have slowed down the pace and expanded it to more a team-based anime (yes, Tien, Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan and Vegeta do help... but unless you are a Saiyan, you are not in it for the long haul).

YHE rated 5.00:

I've watch this series on TV when I was a kid. And I admit that this became my favorite when I was a kid, I always watch it after school in television, I like their powers and their hairstyle, and my favorite character back then is Gohan,. The anime is good for little kid, but if I am gonna watch it in my age I will jsut ended up sleeping. The fighting is too over done and their super powers is very strong that it became absurd. I will not watch it anymore. I think that's all. lol

mikeb23 rated 9.50:

This show is known to pretty much every kid in America that was born before 2000. This show when it was originally shown, had mild swearing, blood, violence and EPIC fight scenes. All the seasons were good (Freza Saga: Most classic saga in anime history, Android/Cell: Awsome mainly becasue of all th epic shit Gohan did...ahem Super Saiyan 2 and EPIC kamehameha... , and Buu Saga: my favorite saga ever in any show. period.) This show unfortunatly had way too much filler when originally aired but thanks to Dragon Ball Z Kai, its been taken out. Highly recommend if you are a true anime fan and for some reason havent seen it...

SolemnSerpent rated 7.00:

As my childhood anime, this is the most awesome thing ever. Remembering watching it is a fantastic nostalgic trip that I always love taking, but when you get older, you begin to realize that the things you watched as a child, to put it bluntly, utterly fail. Seeing the anime now that I'm older, I realize how repetitive, overlong, and what inconsistent animation it has. Does that mean I no longer love it? No. Actually, I still adore this anime, but in an objective perspective, it's in no way a masterpiece of storytelling and animation.
It's a very interesting anime, but many of the sagas were too dragged out, and some of the villains of the series were pathetic. The best saga of this anime, in my opinion is the Frieza saga. While it is very long, it had a better variation of characters, a decent plot, and each character wasn't as freakishly powerful - which is how they become as the anime progresses. Not only that, but while the dragonballs, which prove to be one of the most memborable aspects of the anime, are very original and interesting, is plot device which makes the anime suffer.
Is a character doing to die in the next episode? Who gives a flying Pwar, they'll be back in another 20 episodes! That's right; pretty much anyone that's slightly important to the series, lives in the end (well, except for some of the antagonists). The Dragonballs are the magic plot device that enable this, and while it's cool, it makes you worry and connect with the character's less. Why would I be anticipating the next battle when It's easy to predict the outcome, or simply, not care at all.
While it's an anime I recommend, I'd certainly wouldn't suggest that one being's watching it, expecting to see a masterpiece.