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Ryuuji Kisaragi’s life is that of a pretty normal boy going to high school; that is until his cousin Eriko suddenly comes back into town. Eriko later drags Ryuuji along on a “job” where she has to get back some special black box. After an accident, the box gets opened and inside of it is a girl who they name Rose. Now Ryuuji's life is anything but that of a normal high school student!

Credit: MisaSasekage

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Member Opinions

ghost945 ghost945

better than thought. seiyuu cast strong. plot interesting but gets a bit predictable towards the end. had expected a lot more development from the other 'dragons'. bit disappointed with their lack of involvement. main male lead's parents is a nice touch at the end. lost precious society people also needed more development and involvement in story, like the soul society in bleach. the two secondary female leads are a bit weak when posed beside leading female.

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