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Shoujoboy's Dragon Quest Game Review

Rated: 7

Putting a score to fun for this one is going to be hard. When you initially begin this game the first thing that you'll notice is it's difficulty. There may be a tower only a little bit down a path, but by the time you get there all of your HP is wasted. HP in this game is very low, measured in the hundreds, not thousands. In the early parts of the game you'll have somthing to the likes of 24 HP, and one hit can deal 7 and 8 points of damage. Even later Jessica will be hovering in the 150 HP range and take hits of 60, and a well placed critical hit can knock her out in one hit. This game depends heavily on equipment and levels. If you don't have the best equipment and if you are under leveled by even say 2 levels, you could meet your demise at the hands of the next boss.

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