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TedTurtle's E's Otherwise Tv Review

Rated: 8

The story is pretty original. If you like any Final Fantasy game or a story based in the near future like Ghost in The Shell: Stand Alone Complex or even Gundam Seed's plot then you will like the story. It's more of an action anime with some small comedy. For example there is a scene where a character is listening to a lecture on an E's emergency survival when an E's takes too damage and loses ESP power and the guy jokes about hit points and magic points like in a Final Fantasy game. There are a couple of RPG references (Hopefully Square Enix will make this a game) like the city of Gald and the hit point reference I said earlier. There are also non RPG joke for example, this cocky guy in the beginning of the second episode who gets binged in the head from behind with garbage can lid.

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Member Opinions

Steffi1690 Steffi1690

Maxim and Eiji - LOVE! <3
Awsome Artwork and very interesting story - but you really need to read the manga do unsterstand all! The character development is also better shown in the manga!
This Anime with Arslan Senki, NPoT vs Genius 10, Hakuouki, Juuni Kokki & Escaflowne is on my 2nd place from Fav Animes!

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