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Member Opinions

banraider banraider

i love the characters, they are well drawn, Edgar is very beautiful character, i love violet eyes very much, but the only problem that there is no second season, they should make the next season at least to complete the story.

SevaVioletShadow SevaVioletShadow

actually i don't like fairies, i just watched this anime because i liked the characters it's well drawned and it's have a nice plot and i kind of didn't like the story, the events is running too fast, any way i hope there is a second season of this anime, i enjoyed watching it.

orange-lisa orange-lisa

... to be continued. Though the idea wasn't bad, I don't like the story. It's quite confused, maybe because many things are taken for granted (and these things I didn't understand). Nice characters, the art is quite good too, but nothing else, except for the romanticism.

EDGAR J. C. ASHENBERT: "Do you have wings? I just felt like you were hiding your fairy wings or something."


I am very fond of faeries! So when I saw this series, I immediately gave it a try! Edgar Ashenbert is drop-dead gorgeous-- a charming flirt, that is. I think Raven is hot too, but I'll still choose Edgar over him. ;D
The animation is wonderful, no question about that. The plot? Oh well, the only problem is that everything happened so fast. I'm about to finish the series, BTW. :)

abaddon13 abaddon13

Funny and a unique theme. I like the heroine, and of course her Lord Edgar is also as cool.
Very strong characters here as well, and when I mean strong... I mean personality wise!
It's not the sort of anime that will change your life or anything, but neither will it stress you out.
So it's a pretty cool watch for leisure ~


I wasn't really expecting much when I first started watching it (kind of looked like a typical romance with a wishy-washy female lead), but, was pleasantly surprised~ 0__o; The protagonist is good at what she does, and has an actual personality. She doesn't drape herself all over every man she meets, nor does she let every man she meets drape himself all over her. XD *high-fives her* There's an action butler (Raven FTW!), truly bizarre romantic interest (the guy's personality is...glitch *laughs*), and a whole set of endearing side characters.
It's cute, and short, so give it a go. X3


I enjoyed this quite a lot. The characters were gorgeous, the settings were beautiful, and the plot was interesting. I wish tere was more to this anime, I hope there will be a second season in the future. <3

3immortals 3immortals

This really is an adorable series, perfect for a quick fix of anime. My only spot of contention was the fact that the main character, Lydia, can't seem to make up her mind on what she wants. Gah! Always an annoyance. Other than that, the story is interesting, the characters are fun, and the art lovely.

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