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There exists a place called Eden where angels live and watch over the humans who they call Earthians. Because the Earthians are not behaving accordingly, the angels have decided to take action. Pairs of investigating angels are sent to the Earth to monitor the Earthians. One is a plus checker, the other is a minus checker. If enough minus checks accumulate, then the Earthians will be annihilated.
The story of Earthian centers around a pair of investigators named Kagetsuya and Chihaya. Kagetsuya is a minus checker and Chihaya is a plus checker. Chihaya is unusual because he was born with black hair and wings while everyone else on Eden has blonde hair and white wings.
Can Chihaya save the Earthians from annihliation? What is the mystery behind Chihaya's black wings? Is it just a genetic mutation, or is there some deeper reason he was born this way? Things get even more complicated when Chihaya and Kagetsuya fall in love... And on Eden, homosexual love is forbidden.

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Member Opinions

bleachsenafan bleachsenafan

I love Yaoi, but I was expecting a little more from this. Not the sexual content, the storyline was lacking a bit I mean. The animation is alright, and the art is ok. It is an old anime, so I can't blame that. The music is nice so that's a plus. Overall, it's ok I guess.

RoseKoneko RoseKoneko

The OVAs don't do justice to the story, but you get a bit of fanservice between the male leads... so it's a bit of a hand off. I would say that if you've never read the manga, you might be lost, but I showed this to a rather picky friend (who isn't even a fan of shounen-ai) and she went out and bought it herself. The art is... well, it's a bit painful because it's so old.

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