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When Ryuusuke Saitou shows up at a friends' gathering out of the blue, Shunichi Tachibana is both confused and angry: he hasn't seen or heard anything from him in well over 10 years, when Ryuusuke suddenly dropped out of university. Ryuusuke gets drunk and somehow manages to convince the engaged Tachibana to play pretend lovers for a month; Tachibana halfheartedly agrees but soon finds himself being dragged along at Ryuusuke's wild pace.

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

Heartwarming, to say the least! Even though it doesn't go to extremes, this is still an emotional rollercoaster and Ryuusuke's behavior is so random yet so logical and subtle that it keeps both Tachibana and the reader on their toes. Definitely recommended if you want to read some yaoi that not only has a well-done plot, but also three-dimensional characters and little details that will make it memorable.

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