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Coud Van Giruet, a sky pirate, stumbles upon a girl named Reverie Metherlance in a coffin during a loot raid, and learns that she is an Edel Raid, a living weapon.
Almost immediatly after, a fight breaks out to obtain the power of Reverie Metherlance. Coud is then left possession of Reverie (more simply called Ren). In the ensuing fight, Coud becomes her Pledger-- the human that bonds with an Edel Raid. As they escape, Coud swear to escort her to Edel Garden, the supposed birthplace of Edel Raids.
Together with three members from Arc Aile, an organization that supposedly protects Edel Raids, Coud and Ren fend off thieves that want Ren's power as they make their way to the mythical Edel Garden.

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Liung's Erementar Gerad Tv Review

Rated: 9

To me, Elemental Gelade was inspiring. When I decided to cosplay for the very first time I didn't hesitate in choosing Ren. Because I just loved it that much. Sadly it's not very well known... But it should be. There's fighting, action and pirates for the shonen lovers out there; romance and touching themes for the shoujo lovers; younger audiences would find it simple and pure enough to understand while older audiences would find the issues and concepts complex enough to hold them.

Belonging, friendship, equality, morality, loyalty, all these and more are addressed in this beautiful anime. Personally, it's all I've ever wanted in a story. I've seen better humour. I've seen better romance. I've seen better fantasy. I've seen better action.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

Quite a beautiful fantasy romance anime series, the relationship between Coud and Ren was so cute. That Viro girl who tried to come between them was annoying though. I loved the English dub of the series and they had some pretty good VA's voicing the characters.

shadowwhuntress shadowwhuntress

One of the animes that I liked, but didn't really leave a mark on me. Sure, it's nice, but it could have been better. For me, this is a nice series to watch just to kill time. The concept is really nice though.

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