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This series, by the producers of Samurai Champloo, is set in a futuristic utopian (read: dystopian) city, Romudo, where humans and robots (called autolaves) coexist and where peace and harmony are ensured through a system of central management that essentially discards emotion from society. However, a homicide shatters the regulated peace of the society, and Lil Meyer, a young and ambitious investigator from the Citizen Information Board, is assigned to unravel the mystery behind the murder, and as she uncovers more and more information, she stumbles upon a secret that threatens to change Romudo forever.

Description: shinsengumi

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Shoujoboy's Ergo Proxy Tv Review

Rated: 6

When watching Ergo Proxy you'll find yourself going through three phases:

1. "Oh that was cool!"
2. "Umm, what the hell just happened?"
3. "Oh now I get it... I think... wait, no I don't"

Needless to say it's confusing throughout. I'm sure there are some reading this who are thinking I'm an outright idiot, which is fine. But I personally enjoy coherent story telling with twists and confusion throughout that all come together nicely in the end. I don't want psycho babble and episodes that just seem to exist for no other purpose than to extend the life of the anime. There was a good story hiding in there somewhere, but the dear creators hit it over the head with a shovel and buried it deep within the Earth.

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Member Opinions

Felcie Felcie

If Ergo Proxy is one of my favourite animes, I must admit that it is also very slow and it takes a long time before it really starts. That being said, the animation is flawless, the atmosphere was really mesmerizing and the characters all interesting and unique. I remember watching it again right after finishing the series and I must say that watching it twice is quite enlightening, you could even say useful. So yeah, it means that it has a complex plot and it's definitely not the kind of anime to watch and you want to relax, it requires your full attention.

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Great show, I love the dark cyber punk atmosphere and the characters. Lil is one of the most original girl I've seen in the anime and Vince is the most mysterious main char ever xD still don't know what really it was about, have kind of my own interpreation of the story, which turn out to be pretty complicated in the end, tough the plot is rather linear. It has some nonsense episodes, which can spoil all the fun so just forget about them xD

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

One of the best animes I've ever watched. The story is really interesting and actually has some depth. If you like philosophical stuff, then this anime is for you. The characters are very different and likeable and the story makes you actually care about what's going to happen and sometimes you feel identified with them. I recommend this anime a lot.

singlemoon singlemoon

I was captivated at the first episode and it almost made me crazy. xD
The earlier parts consist of endless mysteries which will be uncovered at the later episodes. Unexpected characters' characteristics and developments everyone had been waiting anxiously for.
It is truly one of the anime that will keep you guessing till the end.

johnvolk johnvolk

Well its been a while since i posted a new watched anime ( i wonder if any one will get tired of reading these long post?), but this is another good one. So i found this at an FYE store, and i had some cash to buy a new anime with and settled on this one, mostly due to the box art. well i got it home and watched the first episode, and well... i meant to just watch 2 or 3 but i watched the first 6. even tho i had work the next day. i loved the mystery in the beginning and the whole finding yourself parts near the end. but what keeps it in my mind is the way they handled the romance in it. oh and i loved the little robot with them. there where a few parts that where confusing but where explained later. all in all i liked it a lot an i hope more people get to take the adventure with vensit law soon.


I didn't remember much from this but it is not really bad, it is worth watching if you didn't do it already. It is just that I have the feeling that Steins Gate, which is working on similar themes, is just better than this.

pax1313 pax1313

a really good anime in my opinion. every character develops quite well through the story.
the opening is very nice and the art is original. the backgrouds of the city could improve, though.
but all in all it's definetly worth watching. you know, to put your brain to the test for a while.

ismiy ismiy

This came as close to perfect as an anime ever has. Mixing philosophy, mystics and a high tech noir future impression of the world? I was almost screaming my head off at the eleventh episode! It is a good anime that allows for contemplation on life, time and existence.

Emeralis Emeralis

I love the philosophy in this series. Dark visuals, great example of cyberpunk. I suggest watching the japanese dub, amercian voice actors are so sucky in this series because it kills the whole dark mood of the series and they ruined Pino! D:<

Rufusek Rufusek

Ergo proxy have shocked me first and draged into its climate and atmosphere but I didn't last long or i didn't understood it, but the darkness and mystery were almost erased that made me start it. It bot better sometimes and the ending was interesting but it should be looking something like in begining (that's why this rate) ah and Lil was kinda cute ^^

Onikami Onikami

I really enjoyed this Anime. The animation style was really different (in a good way). The story was well written, & they eased you into it so you weren't overwhelmed (or lost). The progression was so good it was almost scary. The ending was just the icing on the cake. I recommend it to those who like a good story filled with twists. ^_^

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