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Eternal Sonata takes place in an alternate universe—an alternate universe Frederic Chopin dreams of during the last three hours of his life. There he meets Polka, a girl who can use magic because she has a terminal illness, as well as Allegretto and the little boy Beat who live underground and survive by stealing.
They begin traveling together and looking for a way to bring down the evil king of Forte as they fight their way to Forte Castle.
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SnickerdoodleNinja's Eternal Sonata Game Review

Rated: 7

Eternal Sonata is ridiculously fun. What it lacks in a good story, it makes up for in game play. The battle system combines turn based with free motion, requiring the player to be alert on both enemy and player turns, since you can block if you are paying attention on enemy turns. Although the battle system starts out fairly easy, giving you plenty of time to think about what you want to do before you act, the party level up system, which tweaks the battle system after certain story events, will result in you eventually having no time to think before your turn timer begins to tick, meaning that you have to be quick on your feet.

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