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Renton Thurston is a dreamer. His idol is a Ref Boarder named Holland, from an organisation named
Gekko State. Holland and the other members of Gekko State pilot giant mech's called LFOs (Light
Finding Operation). Renton reads of Gekko State's exploits in a magazine called ray=out, and dreams
of someday joining them. Renton even bought a replica of Holland's ref board and practices every
day to become a ref boarding champion like Holland.

It seems ref boarding is the only escape for Renton who works for his grandfather, Axel Thurston,
in the small town of Belforest. Until one day a LFO, piloted by a strange and beautiful girl,
crashes into Renton's home. This is where Renton Thurston's adventure begins...

Credits: fluke

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Ephemeral-Garden's Eureka 7 Tv Review

Rated: 7

The first impression of watching this anime, I was like "Wao, this is so cool! Surfing is cool! Holland is cool! Damn!"

Eureka seveN is pretty cool. The concept of reffing is good. I really like watching how Holland and Renton handle their own LFOs performing tricks and evading attacks so skillfully just by using a single board. I bet Tarzan gliding through the branches must have come from surfing. The art department comes out pretty strong in overall, music comes second. Oh, and one more thing, the character designs are pretty deceiving if you realise that. I've always thought Moondoggie and Holland were cool people. And I was hugely surprised after seeing their real selves in Gekko-go.

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Member Opinions

Cirru Cirru

From the half to three quarters of the first season that I've seen, this is a solid anime. It kind of feels like a surf/pirate version of NGE, so not really unique though it has strong characters and development.

kuro115b kuro115b

My first anime film and i love it! the story of Renton and Eureka forbidden love turn out to be possible! and how this film teach all of us about trust, love and all charge toward one with the mecha genre, it makes the fighting scene full with emotion! just perfect!

pikachu36 pikachu36

This show happened to be one of the many Adult swim has showed me over the years that I have learned to love. The first time I saw this series I started watching about midway threw so I didn't fully understand it, but I like it and the general sense it was going in, I happened to watch again from the beginning and enjoyed watching it over once again.


Well I'm still in the middle of the series and it's really getting me hooked up :D the illustration and animation are... how do i say this ( - -) I can't imagine theses was made five years back. :)

eXDream2K5 eXDream2K5

The first few episodes are a bit confusing, but once you get past that, this is one hell of an awesome series. Great animation, great music, and the characters are phenomenally developed throughout the story. It gets a rewatch AT LEAST once a year. I love it. Probably going to have to write a review about it soon.

Tavia-chan Tavia-chan

Whoa! Such a wonderful series with a great story and more-than-enough interesting characters. It had me at the edges of my seat some times, and it has to have one of the cutest couples in it I've ever seen. Good action and in-depth story!

johnvolk johnvolk

After watching this anime soooo many times i can still say its my favorite anime.... ever. in fact if there was a score higher than 10/10 it would have it frome me hands down.this anime is a medium long story line whith events that seem mostly random but come together in the end for renton. the show has plenty of comady and a mildly OT atmosphere. it is a love story so you will need to be a little older to catch whats going on. but all and all, this is was and will be the best ive ever watched.


Drawing were nice. Explosions were pink. Holland was badass(from time to time). Renton was the reason it get only 7.5 =)
I don't like Pockets full of Rainbow cause it was mess, the only good thing was new Dominic)

Astara Astara

Have only seen it twice -- and took at least that much to barely grasp it. A good series, but pretty complex! Voice of Holland, Captain of the Gekko State Ship also plays secondary lead role in "Wolf's Rain" (series). In both he plays the role of an older-secondary to a younger lead. Also in both, the younger lead appears destined to end up in an unknown future with the female lead (in both series). The female lead, in both was a non-human, alien female looking creature who, it is doubtful, could psychologically reproduce with humans. The role of the older secondary to enable the 'sacred' relationship between the (to be sacrificial male) and the ever virginal, ethereal and somewhat 'off' female. Hmmm... Not sure what jungian archetype this follows, but it seems familiar.

Would rate this 'G' -- though only on the basis of lack of offensive details. It's definitely NOT a kids anime -- it's complex to understand at least mid to late teens, I think for understanding. It's a classic! It also turns what **could** have been portrayed as a negative ending, as a positive ending. Could take the same set of facts and tell a Wolf's Rain type ending where everyone dies... Or you could show the characters' inner lives while they might supposedly be dying and see that they didn't die by really did evolve...

Amazingly different storyline with similar sets of facts.

chalupa chalupa

Gundam meets surfer culture; all the fun of learning to cope with killing someone while searching for great waves. The show built up a momentum that kept me interested until the last couple of of episodes, which were atrocious.

lkmjr lkmjr

This series does everything right. Pacing is well-done, story is unique and interesting, and if good characters were jewels, this series would be a diamond mine. Even the giant mechas are fueled by the Power of Love. Renton and Eureka's relationship develops nicely over the course of the series. Art is awesome

Onikami Onikami

I really enjoyed it, the story was very good (as I expected). The animation was good although it had a different feel to it. The ending was really good, I'll be watching it at least a few more times. ^_^


An ok anime. Don't like the main characters Eureka and Renton (the most annoying male protagonist I have ever seen although he did get better after a while). The only reason I continue to watch is because of Dominic, Anemone and Talho.

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