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Z827's Eve no Jikan Tv Review

Rated: 7

This is a Review of Time of Eve
A surprisingly good Anime with tons of potential - but lacking the episodes to bring forth that potential in question.
It is a disappointingly short Anime and the story feels as it abruptly ends with an empty conclusion.

It's beautiful and relaxing to watch but the rushed plot and abrupt ending is one of the major elements which had butchered the overall value of this Anime.
The audience wants more - they desire to know what would happen next , what would happen between the protagonist and his Android and whether the tell-tale signs of romance would bloom - but snap , the Anime ends before you know it.

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Member Opinions

kuryuki kuryuki

This series's episodes are shorter than your typical episodes.
The story is kind of slow paced , quite different from the usual.

It's about a society with robot house assistants and there are people who look down on the robots while others wish to treat them as humans.

eve no jikan is a cafe that appeared in the series, known to be a place where humans and robots are equals

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