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The world is corrupt! It is filled with inequality, the health care system is falling apart, education is terrible, and society as a whole needs reform! At least, that's what the members of ACROSS believe. Led by Lord Il Palazzo, the three person (+1 Emergency Food Ration) team sets out to take over the world, starting with one city. Excel and Hayatt set out to gather information and spread the word of the great Il Palazzo and wreck plenty of havoc along the way. Who will they convert? How many buildings will they destroy? How much blood does Hayatt have in her body? These questions and more will probably not be answered!

Description: kawaiiguy

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Xenjin's Excel Saga Tv Review

Rated: 3

There is no sequentialism. Almost every episode can stand on its own. You can watch almost any given episode of Excel Saga and be guaranteed to not have missed anything. Don't expect story continuity or cohesiveness here. The anime has one intention and that is to make you laugh. It is all about slapstick humor and extreme dark comedy - all while trying to take over the world. Everything else is sacrificed to this end.

You can watch Excel Saga without thinking about what you are watching and still be moderately entertained. It wasn't designed to engage the audience, or cause them to feel empathy or identify with any of its characters.

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Member Opinions

Cirru Cirru

From what I have seen of this, it is a really funny anime. The voices change half way through the series, so that kind of ruins it. The whole evil overlord trying to take over the world and using Excel to accomplish it is rather humorous. All in all, a good night of watching anime and having a few laughs.

evelluchia evelluchia

i found this series just incredibly funny mainly because no matter what task excel does she always finds a new way to end up dead hehe XD its pretty much really pointless but very funny ^-^ good for a cheer up

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