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Hooyaah's FLCL Tv Review

Rated: 6

The presentation is once again, as the story line, just a bit too confusing as it jumps from one scene to another with little continuity and little to hold it all together in any recognizable semblance of a whole. I believe that the writers flubbed the opportunity to make an outstanding series. Regrettably, following the plot is a struggle, too say the very least and it is probably best for the new viewer of the series not to try and look for a plot but instead just let it deliver itself toward the end by surprise. There are some feeble attempts at humor, like the police detective, Kitsurubami, who is investigating Haruko. He has glued on rectangular black eyebrows that annoy and seem to confuse other characters, especially his female assistant.

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Member Opinions


This one was weird, and still today it is weird but in a good way. It has interesting turns and events that happen that keep you wondering, and just never seems to quite get it. But it so funny and different from everyone that I have seen that it just glued to me.


This short anime is so cool even though its just a random anime series that I had watched. The mixed genre of it is so cool and amazing. The style is also great and the art is awesome too. The one who makes it must be so clever he is really using his mind. The six episode is so efficient and worth watching. Too bad it ended quickly. Nice character, nice plot, nice scene, and emotions.. Great anime I recommend it to be watch.

mikeb23 mikeb23

This show defines itself in its own genre and gainex has established they make the weirdest shows cool. The characters are likable but you dont get attached to them as in other animes because the "series" is only 6 episodes. Overall the story was enjoyable and was good enterainment, just not great. Also, prepare to make this face for the entire show (O.o)

Angi Angi

LOL, there's no other thing to say about this, well yes, there's something about this anime that makes it so good, and its the way they give you the freedom of interpretation, you can give as much points of view as you wish, its fun, fast, crazy, whatever. Has nice animation and character design. Characters are interesting, and all this crazyness makes you want to rewatch it again and again, to see if you can point out details that you didn't noticed before and such.

Drakill Drakill

Loved this anime! I know that it's a totally random anime but I really enjoy it. The music was decent as well. People will either love this anime or hate it. And I loved it.
It's a short anime. And I think that there were too few episodes. I would've liked to have seen a few more. FLCL has some good comedy in it as well. Everybody show watch this anime. Even if they don't like it at least they can say that they've seen it.

lvlz26 lvlz26

My second favorite show of all time. I have seen this show about 10 times and i watch it once a year. (kinda like a tradition) The craziness, action, and story is what makes it so iconic. This is a show that you learn more and more each time you watch it. In my opinion FLCL is one of the best shows of all time and EVERY anime fan HAS to watch it, NO excuses!!!

StevOmaru StevOmaru

A very weird and whacky anime, but still fun to watch regardless. Each episode is hilarious and interesting, but the plot and scenes seem to shift around too often and quickly so it can be hard to keep up with at least the first time around. It's a damn shame the series was so short because I was just really getting into it before I realized that it was coming to an end.


So weird, but hilarious!! I haven't laughed this hard from watching an anime in a long time XD It's a pity it's a short series. I loved the part where they were animated in the South Park type of animation for a short bit XD I was like wut.

bdanime05 bdanime05

This was and still is one of the craziest animes I've ever seen. I still can't fathom how someone came up with all the stuff in this series. Just off the wall moments and randomness throughout the series.

Summer67 Summer67

Great: OMG!! This was so whacky and fun to watch! Such a short series but worth the watch if you are looking for something to laugh your butt off to. Without giving out any spoilers, I think I busted a rib at the underwear part lol it was just so freaking crazy!

SolitaryAngel90X SolitaryAngel90X

This is probably one of the most weird anime i have every watched. lol i loved it regardless of the weird occurrences and awkward characters. For some reason i also liked the art. This anime made me smile most of the time. I first watched this anime at a young age so i didn't fully understand it but when i watched it again a few years later, i realized it was not appropriate for me to watch years ago. =_= lol

XiThau XiThau

This is a great Anime, considering the vintage date, airing dates, etc. It's not a recent Anime, yet the animation style was clearly not 'lazy' nor lacking. I will say it was comprised of unrelated things. I felt like most of the events were 'bs-ed,' to fill up showtime. However, by the end of the 6 episode-series, I wanted more. I would definitely recommend it. Also; instead of using plain old melodies and whatnot as bgm, it had actual songs with lyrics. Fit with it all, oddly enough. Nonetheless, it was a great anime. I'm all late. Aha.

angelxxuan angelxxuan

random, just...random. it was so random that I just fell in love with it from the get go. the design was good, the characters, plot, and the fact that it was short helped greatly :P but I did enjoy the artwork, it's rare for me to like that sort of random coloration in anime, but I just could not help but watch, it was memorizing :/


Completely insane!... from start to finish, and 'The Pillows' provide awesome music for the Anime. As far as the anime, it changes moods between lethargic to all of a sudden "boom" explosive, and through out the series the characters try to explain Fooly Cooly*which I still don't understand* Simply put, beware of Haruko an Alien investigator for the Galactic Space Police Brotherhood who USES Naota like a rag doll...the message is that being Adult-like isn't all that it's cut out to be. *Adulthood=Boredom* and Being impulsive, reckless and just doing whatever you want to do is not all that bad. So I defiantly recommend this, from start to finish your guaranteed a hilarious and insane show which leaves you wanting more!


FlCL is certainly a strange creator, and it was a lot of fun to watch the first few times I saw it, but after a while it seems a little less charming and a little more just plain weird. It's definitely something worth watching, but it's not one of my top favorite anime series.

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