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Natsu Dragneel is a Dragon Slayer whose element is Fire. Together with his partner, Happy, he explores the land of Fiore in search of Natsu's foster parent, Igneel (a dragon), who taught him to use a form of Lost Magic known as Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. While traveling, Natsu comes across Lucy Heartfilia, a 17 year old celestial mage who runs away from her wealthy upbringing to join the rambunctious guild known as Fairy Tail.

Lucy joins Fairy Tail where she meets Erza Scarlet, a female wizard who has the power to "re-quip" where she can summon different weapons and change armor at will. Erza is also widely known as the most powerful female member of the guild. Lucy also meets Gray Fullbuster, an 18 year old wizard who specializes in the magic known as Ice Make, which allows him to re-create any solid object and use them as a weapon. Gray has a fierce rivalry with Natsu due to their opposing personalities and magical elements. Later on, the group will then add Wendy Marvell - also a Dragon Slayer who specializes in Sky Magic where she can manipulate the air to her own advantage such as breathing powerful gusts of wind and heal a person's injuries and sickness. Wendy is usually accompanied by her partner Charle an exceed just like Happy.

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Janny-Cats' Fairy Tail Manga Review

Rated: 8

I had to pick up this manga about three times before I truly got hooked, so the start may be a little bumpy if you don't have the patience. But after the first chapter the manga and becomes really easy to read since you start to understand the story that's beyond told. I sometimes found the battles a little boring, but skipping them doesn't usually affect the story unless there is dialogue involved.

Most of the humor is provided by Natsu's reckless behavior or Gray's exhibitionist nature that, though used a lot, never seem to get old. Other characters also join in, and once somebody causes havoc everybody feels the need to abandon their civilized side and have fun, much to the desperation of the Guild Master.

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Member Opinions

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

The character designs and some of the characters personalities remind me of One Piece a bit. I like the different magic abilities in the series. I hope he eventually gets over that. Some of the animations for the characters using their powers gets a bit old to watch. It sucks that Zeref can't control his power. The OVA's are very funny.^^ The soundtracks are really nice.

Over time though, it seems Mashima's writing is becoming more and more lazy & full of plotholes...

BlackWings86 BlackWings86

After coming off of that long hiatus, the anime's just become too repetitive and tedious for me. The only reason I'm still watching it is because I've already made it this far. Basically, everything before Eclipse gets a 10/10 from me, but the score starts to dwindle the further along it goes from there.

YuuichiYouko YuuichiYouko

I love this anime and the manga. I like a good number of people in this show. First is Natsu because he sticks to his morals and never backs down from a fight. The down side is he has motion sick. Next is Erza, she is one of the strongest wizards at Fairy Tail and her over welling strength. After her is Zeref, he is the main antagonist in the story. It cool that he can kill people with a stare but he does mean to do it most of the time.

rmmr111 rmmr111

Well I prefer reading the manga to the anime, but as there's no manga section, I can admit the anime still is a very good adaptation, with minimum fillers, the tipical overpowered shonen, focusing on kicking ass and friendship in general.
If you like manga, try it first- way more blood an less censorship.

Cirru Cirru

This manga has a generic hero who never really loses and seems to always get more power right when he needs it. The really interesting aspects are the side characters that we don't see as much of. Fairy Tail comes across as too one dimensional to enjoy more than at a passing.

Marvolo Marvolo

Good beginning them arcs started going in cycles, beating from enemy group, nakama talking, beating enemy group and here we at the starting point. Get new enemies - repeat, get another enemies - repeat, gets some demons - repeat.

Lucy is annoying as Hell
Happy is annoying too
Charla is annoying
Ichiya is gross

pikachu36 pikachu36

Fairy Tail was a fantastic show and opened my eyes on liking anime of its type. Word of advice about this one, Animations Dubbed version isn't complete so get ready for that plus a random switch of voice actors :( honestly that was a let down, Subbed is the way to go with this one guys... Rewatch value: 10 worth buying: yes

Somnus Somnus

This went from favorite to Bleach so fast. Far too much fanservice. Contrived plots where Fairy Tail always wins, despite how amazeballs the enemy is. And I thought the joke was supposed to be that Grey loses his clothes all the time, yet it feels like the ladies are never properly dressed. Even the lolicon has become increasingly noticeable. -vomit- All of the special chapters seem to take place in swimming pools, bath houses, or other areas where characters (mainly female) are nearly naked or eventually become naked... or both. I'd rather have an enjoyable special chapter with small insight into a character story/personality/something interesting, perhaps. Not something that damn near feels like hentai. And there's only so many times you can pull the magical "nakama power" out of your ass to save your characters from a guaranteed demise before your story begins to disintegrate and becomes a joke.

evilxangel evilxangel

So much fun adventures and very lively characters. Each get their own time to shine! Many fun,sad, fan serve well balanced. The story is always changing between the arcs, there really isnt a plot its just a happy go lucky bunch that always aims to be #1. The sound tracks are beautiful and touching it is a great anime to keep a hold on. Hoping to see more in the near future, highly recommend it great time killer.

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Awesome so far! There is a lot of action, awesome charas and events. I love the humor here, it's all so crazy^^ maybe the art is average, but I really admire it cause of it's gag style. Hope it will get known as much as Naruto, which it reminds me but there's no so many annoying fillers (yet?) and none of the main charas annoys me (like Sakura or Sasuke later)- I love all of them instead!

hyuri hyuri

This is a ongoing series. I have watched it from the beginning and am still enjoying it to this day. 100+ episodes later!

Apparently the director quit or got fired, so no more episodes for this show. Sucks, because it was getting to another good part and we're just left hanging.

Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

I had a high expectation of this anime, I loved it when it first came out, but got disappointed. After reading and watching nearly all the chapters and episodes, I come to conclusion that Fairy Tail is a mediocre manga. I'm still reading and watching it though I find too much random nakama power-up and too many coincidences in the story. Well, I don't really mind the nakama power stuff, because it sometimes gives the audience great emotion.. but this anime really over use them. The battles are mostly predictable as well, the main characters always win by getting power boost from seemingly nowhere. Uninteresting plot. There's literally no character development (even after the time skip), it's all flashbacks and their history. This anime has a lot of characters but I think the creator focuses on certain characters too much. Fillers and fanservice are just ridiculous at times, especially fan service (the author abuses it). The only reason I'm still following this series is because of the artwork.., most of the characters are well-drawn. :)

snowfairyy snowfairyy

I love Fairy Tail!! You follow the guild though various challenges (although some may be just a wee bit repetitive), through laughter, anger, sadness, and bitterness. There were many scenes that made me laugh so hard, my mother thought I was going insane, and just as many that made me cry like a baby. +Recommend

Dancerinthedark Dancerinthedark

Fairy Tail is one of the popular shows these days and indeed it is a very interesting anime/manga about super powers and magic
there are some extra funny episodes after every serious event , it will make you finish the events and look forward to the new extra episodes.first of all this anime has some good action fights but there are too many fanservice scenes and this will make you bored and mad at the same time, I mean seriously! I'm watching an action anime and what I want is epic fights and awesomeness not fanservices and pointless ecchi scenes, if I want to watch a fanservice anime then there are alot of animes like that everywhere so there is no need for fanservice in this anime
second and the most important failure in this anime is the "nakama" power and everything is "nakama" and "nakama" and this sounds like an anime for children. " I fight for my nakama" " I will die in order to protect my nakamas" etc... it will make you annoyed episode after episode, the enemy is far way stronger than the main characters but as long as they have "nakama" the power will come to them from no where and make them stronger and stronger! is there any rules like this? the answer is no, the real rule is " the strong person wins, the weak person loses " but you won't see this rule in this anime since this anime makes the main characters win no matter who their opponent is

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

What I like the most about the anime is how they extend more the fights that in the manga are rather anti-climatic. That and the fact that there's a lot less fanservice than in the manga. The arcs are great and even the fillers (that are not numerous) are good. There's a lot of character development in this anime and the interactions between the characters (that are a lot) is great. There's a lot of comedy and good moments between the nakama so I'd recommend it a lot.

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