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For over 500 years, a group of mysterious white-haired blue-eyed children called the "Children of Befort" has appeared 13 times in different times and places in Europe. They always take on the appearance of 11-year-old children, and seem to have supernatural power. Over and over again, they are reborn, searching for a girl. In the year of 2012, a boy named Thoma who has helped two orphans Chitto and Helga, who are also looking for something, is about to get involved with the Children of Belfort.

Summary: MapleRose

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MapleRose's Fantastic Children Tv Review

Rated: 9

The first half of the series takes place in the current world at the current time, mostly following the adventures of Helga, Thoma, and Chitto, as well as that of the Children of Belfort and the people around them. Then the next couple of episodes focus on the background story and history of the series. Then that last ten or so episodes brings the characters and sidestories from the beginning of the series and tie everything together.

The pace may seem a bit slow for those who are used to action right away and in every episode. Many of the episodes are used to tell the story and advance the plot, or explain the history and background rather than pure action. And because of the complex plot and how everything is weaved together, some parts of the plot may take some time to develop.

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Member Opinions

ecnelisterger ecnelisterger

I think it's one of the anime that made you go "Uwa....:D" Maybe, or maybe it's just me.
Despite the simplicity of the artwork, I liked the look of it and the story might be a little bit confusing if you didn't pay attention. :D

aozoraskies aozoraskies

This could have been better. There was an eerie, morbid feel to the concept and the pale, white-haired children with blue eyes who can't - mustn't - possess a grip on the corporeal world on Earth(?), moving through passages of memory, time and dimensions, searching, searching for something or someone. There is darkness to the story, and souls are revealed to possess more danger and power than initially thought ...
BUT somehow my favourite character turned into a total drama, angst freakazoid. D: And the story was there, just presented with a touch too much angst and sci-fi. D: Animation is a tad flat, I feel, I think the angst and concept could have been carried forth better with a different style of art, though it did work somewhat in the beginning.. Everything IS explained properly though, towards the end so that's a plus. Don't expect complete satisfaction though; remaining bittersweet is somewhat crucial to the story. :sigh: I can't remember the 'sweet' part of bittersweet here...

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