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Fatal Frame

When her elder brother goes missing, Miku Hinasaki tracks him down to an old, dilapidated mansion in the woods of Japan. Upon her arrival she discovers the Himuro mansion to be possessed by the vengeful spirits of the dead; pleading children, lost souls, and murderous ghosts walk the manor, and all who enter become cursed by the “Rope Maiden.” Armed with her sixth sense and a mysterious Camera Obscura that photographs the supernatural, Miku must unravel the mystery of the manor in order to rescue her brother and leave the grounds alive.

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

While visiting the woods where they used to play as children, twins Mio and Mayu Amakura find themselves drawn in to the haunted All God’s Village. Tormented souls roam the village and the voice of a girl’s insane laughter fills the air as the twins search for a way out. As Mio you battle the ghosts with the Camera Obscura, keeping an eye out for your sister as crimson butterflies lure her further in to the nightmarish village. Escape is their only chance of survival, and the further they delve in to the night the closer they draw to the “ritual”, and they begin to uncover the horrifying truth about the village… and its twins.

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented

After a tragic accident that claims her fiancé’s life, Rei Kurosawa tries to move on. Pursuing her love of photography, she visits locations of claimed haunting… until she begins dreaming of one. One night she is drawn in to a mansion in pursuit of her deceased lover, and in the dream she is touched by an angry spirit that burns a tattoo in to her body. Though the nightmare was horrifying enough, the worst comes in the realization that the tattoo remains… after she has woken up. Night after night she dreams of the haunted mansion, and every morning the tattoo spreads further. In sleep she wanders the manor with the Camera Obscura for protection, and during the day dreams and reality begin to bleed in to one another. In order to escape the curse of the Manor of Sleep, Rei must delve further in to her dreams and unearth the manor’s sorrowful past, before she- or others that have been pulled in to the nightmare- are claimed.


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Lariel's Fatal Frame Game Review

Rated: 6

At this point, I DO know that I still quake at the idea of facing those horrors, but it is still unclear if I enjoyed that game throughly or not.

Gameplay is good. What I enjoy most will be blasting the knickers out of those hostile ghost. Combining combo shots to just shave off their lives makes me just scream aloud in joy. You would too, after numerous hours of being assaulted by these assess. I only complain that All Gods Village is simply too large. Without a map, you're bound to get loss. Stacking up healing items are absolutely a must, or you would never be able to surpass Night 3, with all those random hostile ghosts around.

Sometimes I thought that Fatal Frame II had dragged the entire thing too long. Look here; to open ONE. STINKING'.

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