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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

It's an epic series alongside Fate/Zero with a great cast of characters and engaging story. This is my personal best spinoff of the Fate franchise and to be honest, it's even better than the original series. The action scenes make UBW pale in comparison. Apocrypha has fantastic battles between Servants in how visceral they are in reading the original source material. Astolfo is just so adorable, he's much cuter than Illya and Saber of Red is truly a hardcore badass. I also love the chemistry shared between Shirou and Assassin of Red. My first impressions for the anime adaptation are truly positive and it looks and sounds amazing, from the score by Masaru Yokoyama to Miyuki Sawashiro's performance as Saber of Red. I loved seeing Waver Velvet/Lord El Melloi II in the 1st episode.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Might turn out to be good. Interested to see how this goes since, it's a 14 Heroes vs 14 Heroic Spirits kinda battle royal, who then have to fight among each other once you get the field down to a smaller number.

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