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Fate/Prototype Series, OVA

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Fate/Prototype Scans

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Member Opinions

luminaire66 luminaire66

Protoype, is the scrapped original story for FSN, well what can i sa EPIC! Nasu actually write an amazing masterpiece, first of Misaya is amazing character she's Rin's counterpart and the servant of Lancer which i've always wanted, and Saber male is better than the main Saber i think the male character performs more character's developments specially with his past and future story although the story is kinda boring without Shirou but even so the characters are good the story is good, i really need an adaptation.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Pretty cool^^ I really hope this will be made into a full length series or at least be given more episodes as an OVA somewhere down the line, because I really enjoyed it and it looks like it could be a really good standalone series. I thought the male version of Saber looked pretty cool. I think Archer and Lancer looked pretty awesome too^^

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