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Fate/stay night was originally a game developed by TYPE-MOON, and is also the first creation which TYPE-MOON made after going into business (instead of being a group of Doujinshi artists).

Seven Masters, Seven Servants. Only one can correspond to the Holy Grail.

In the legend, the Holy Grail is an artifact that can make your wishes come true, in order to summon the Holy Grail, a ceremonial is required. The seven Masters chosen by the Holy Grail will be granted the seven Servants chosen by the Holy Grail: Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, and Berserker. The Master must prove him/herself that he or she is the only one qualified to use the Holy Grail. In other words, he or she must defeat all the other Masters to prove him/herself.

Shiro Emiya lost his parents in a fire when he was young, and was adopted by a magician, even though he denied teaching Shiro magic, the un-talented Shiro still master a little. When the magician died, Shiro remained a worthless magician. Entangled with the "War of the Holy Grail" by accident, Shiro was granted the Servant "Saber" and was chosen to be one of the seven Masters.

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Z827's Fate/stay night Tv Review

Rated: 8

This is a Review of Fate Stay Night : Unlimited Blade Works

Truth be told , this is really just meant for the old fans and directed at the ones who had actually played the Visual Novel for it is...well , a general summary of the original Unlimited Blade Works story , purely a sum-up of the route.
It is hard for new fans to enjoy this fully since the story arrangement is a bit messed up due to the Movie time limit but everything is made up by the artwork , the awesome battle scenes and how this Movie proves to all that Emiya Shirou is not a spineless wimp....hey , did I just say that?
Anyways , I heavily recommend the Movie solely to those who had played the Visual Novel. You would only ruin the experience by watching it before understanding the plot.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

My favorite route is Heaven's Feel as the story is more engaging, better battle scenes, Rider having a much better role than the other two routes, Illya has an important role, and I like the dynamics played out with Sakura as the primary heroine. In how I feel about the MC Shirou, yes he's got too many flaws working against him. I believe that the HF route does his character better than the other routes do. Shinji is the one most deserving of all the hate, he's the worst. Rin is a great heroine, but I don't really like her route UBW because it doesn't do justice for many characters like Saber, Rider, Gilgamesh, Illya, and Kirei, and felt like a battle shounen. I really hated Caster in UBW. I liked the Fate route as it's a pretty good tie-in w/ Zero in the resolution of the Saber/Gilgamesh conflict and Saber coming to terms with her feelings on Kiritsugu through Shirou. The anime adaptation of the Fate route was good, although Shirou had moments of stupidity. I didn't go for the pairing of Shirou x Rin, I prefer Shirou x Sakura and Archer x Rin. Shirou x Saber is okay, although I like Gilgamesh x Saber better. Also, I think HF deserves better than a single movie and felt it should've taken priority over UBW. I hope ufotable decides to do a movie series with HF like how Kara no Kyoukai is, Urobuchi is given the job as director, and uses the True Ending. Pretty much Zero is still the best Fate anime work for me at this point depending on what is done with Heaven's Feel. I hope an announcement is made regarding HF before the year is out.

KazablanKa KazablanKa

For me...i know that such an anime worth to be watched
So go for it if you'r o fan of those magic things or super bowers\action\cool story line\nice art\the normal-perfect main male character(which i hate most), the heroine that everybody wants (also hate-maybe even more) and those typical characters we see everywhere that it's not funny anymore.
and excuse me but this is only what i can write about this one (watched -not completely- five\six years ago so this is what i can present for now '^^

Drakill Drakill

For me...I know that such an anime is well worth a watch.
So I'd say go for it if you're of fan magic or action and a cool story line. This anime has very nice artwork. I would suggest people watch this anime as most people will enjoy it while very few people won't.

WalkingEncyclopedia WalkingEncyclopedia

The art is gorgeous, but that's far from enough to make me forgive the anime's numerous shortcomings.The plot is unbelievably thin and weak for such a compelling setting. It's really a great pity. The characterisation isn't convincing either. Emiya Shirou bugs me so much that I want to throttle him even at the risk of ridding the story of its protagonist. But seriously, the story would have been better without that loser. I really wanted to flip the table over when Saber fell for him. The romance doesn't remotely make sense, and this sentiment became even more justified after I finished watching Fate/Zero and had a deeper understanding of Saber's character. I heard Emiya Shirou wasn't this unbearable in the VN, so I can only assume the directing and scriptwriting are the biggest failures of the anime. But I also find characters like Matou Shinji and the "tiger teacher" completely ludicrous, redundant and pointless. So all in all, it's basically a whole load of visually-attractive crap which is only worth watching coz it's the predecessor and sequel to Fate/Zero.

Emeralis Emeralis

I've seen a lot of bad reviews and opinions on this anime and still don't understand way. I personally love all the references to mythology and found that part of the anime really interesting. All the fighters were based on a legend or myth. The fights are also alright but perhaps people didn't like the script? I'm still unsure...

InuyashaRulesssss InuyashaRulesssss

Really really good! Another one thats been on my to watch list. Enjoyed it a lot lol. Watched it all in two days. Was a good ending. A little sad that it didn't go the way I wanted to, but still really good ending.

kuchukuTulip kuchukuTulip

The anime thats been on hold for a while now. Every thing was going well till they lets the evils of fan service in (XD) thats the day i put it on hold. I still liked the fact they made a girl the super hero but not the fact she was made SOOO weak. :(
i still like it.

HurtHattori HurtHattori

Let's be honest :Shirou annoyed me, but Saber kept me hooked. I can't resist to strong female characters, and this noble girl with an armor and a sword sure grabbed my attention. The Servants were original, too, and I was trying to guess which hero was Caster or Lancer, for example. However, Saber as King Arthur was a great surprise, and very well played, too. BTW, FSN is one of the few stories featuring both Caliburn and Excalibur. Unlimited Blade Works was an epic movie, but disappointed me because it was so short. If I hadn't played this route in the visual novel, I would have been lost.

singlemoon singlemoon

I watched it till the end. It's good, action packed I guess and got some serious love problem there Shiro.
Well...it's nothing great, and it's nothing bad, so I guess it's a good anime? Like I've said before..:S

luifer39 luifer39

The series it was OK, and the movie... its more like a short super-fast summary of the chapter of the Visual Novel it was a fail to make the chapter of UBW in a single movie because if you don't play the game you cant understand all the history and you will see the the game its better that the movie and the series.

A new series o in two movies would have been much better.

evelluchia evelluchia

i found fate stay night a real treat ^-^ it shows even the people you dont like and you can come together in the end ^-^ it showed me a wonderful story basically meening that you should be happy with what you have no matter what it is ^-^ i also found the art very well done and also the characters very well thought out ^-^ some were fun and very funny while others were more sereus ^-^ i highly reccamend this series

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Very good one. Like the developing relatioship between Saber and Shirou. Plus interesting personas like Archer and Gilgamesh. The ending was nice, predictable, though. The movie, which is alternative version to the original series was great (art especially), but they complicated things too much, I think. Gilgamesh is really a hardcore bastard with that heart removal, handsome bastard in addition^_^ good thing is that Archer has more time on the scene this time. I heard they will do second season, or rather a prequel. Could be interesting, can't wait^_^

Tina18 Tina18

The story was good, I liked the action, it had good fighting scenes, I enjoyed them fully, especially the Saber and Rider ones I hoped for a bit more of romance, since I'm a hopeless woman. And this might seem weird since my favorite is Saber, but I hoped for Rin to be with Emiya I got the vibe that she likes him XD, lol such a matchmaker. I didn't understand completely how the heroes souls things worked but I don't need and explanation for everything. My tastes changed since I saw this but still, I know I loved it and so I marked it with a perfect 10, thou nothing is perfect.

Ermenegildo Ermenegildo

Seen both the series and the movie!! Got the movie on DVD by the way.
About it, It's my favorite anime!! [ranking 1st in my top 10]
I really like the drawing style of all the anime series produced "type moon" cuz they don't exagerate the smiles for example, and also, characters are not skinny [as i've seen in some other series]

ghost945 ghost945

do not understand the plot nor the game that the whole story tried to explain except fighting and more fighting. idea of having 'heros' summoned by magicians to fight against each other interesting. and the fact that those 'heros' are from differnet legend and eras enriched the characters mix. number of unexpected development in story - with sakura being one of magicians, that main male lead has a sister etc.