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Ren Fukami has always admired the famous TV drama actor Ryuuji Agawa, even before his own acting days. Now he's given the opportunity to act alongside him! During an outing, Ren suddenly blurts out his feelings towards Ryuuji; at first reluctant about Rei's enthusiasm, Ryuji gradually opens up to him. The next day, the two go out drinking and Ryuuji takes the drunk Rei home, where he gets his "reward": a sermon from Rei's aunt, who warns him to "stay away from Rei" and chases him off. However, a few days later, Ryuuji invites Rei over to his place for drinks and Rei makes his first move - kissing the sleeping Ryuuji. Things seem to be going well for the two until the company president tells him that he and Rei might be...related.

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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    Father Complex

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