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Final Approach Series, Visual Novel

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Member Opinions

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

the greatest and awesomest story line, quite good voice acting for such an old anime. And presentation too... There were 2 things that were worse about it.
1) It was Half season
2) each episode is of only 12 mins with the two songs. starting and ending,\

i mean common what the heck!!.... This anime was a quarter season actually???!!1
Oh well.. and yeah it can be sub-sectioned in funny, romance and a little bit of harem. Story is about a stubborn girl and a stubborn guy. quite interesting.. Got me stuck until i finished it.

evelluchia evelluchia

i found it a very fun, cute, and interisting adventure ^-^ it was really a wild and fun ride i would reccamend this series to anyone and everyone if your not a fan of a funny love story i wouldent recamend this series to you

Aiira Aiira

Although the beginning was cute, the anime just dragged on and dragged. In the end, it was nothing but just chasing the main guy character. -_-" could have been better if the anime wasn't so short. Plot wasn't use well enough. Characters were all over the place not really understanding what their main role is suppose to be.

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