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SplinterCell's Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Ova Review

Rated: 6

Overall experience was alright. The movie was okay. But caution, walk into this moving expecting the worse and you'll get better than what you think. Of course the cheesy love crap was boring and didn't add to the story nor did it anyway help advance anything. The characters are semi-lovable and you can easily identity who's the villain. But you don't really care for the "Spirits Within". They talk about most of them and you only get to see Dr. Aki excavate about 2-3 of them if I remember correctly. But in the end the movie alright to watch but extraordinary if you enjoy 3D flicks that are far away from the kiddy stuff Pixar and Disney dish out. Some may like this movie some may hate it, but respect it for being bold. Definitely shouldn't be called Final Fantasy.

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Member Opinions

Cirru Cirru

The movie felt like such a departure from the Final Fantasy world I knew that if Final Fantasy wasn't in the title, then I wouldn't have associated it with the franchise. Despite this, the movie was thoroughly entertaining and pulled you into the story. It felt more human than the Final Fantasy games I had played.

Glukogen Glukogen

I watched it only once but I remember like a nowadays feeling caused by the appearance of spirits. It was both tremble and horror as their form was performed with high quality and looked like a huge insect (I'm afraid of them madly). So I understood the characters feelings at all. Well, the story has not rosy but quite logical ending

singlemoon singlemoon

Well, it's not as beautiful as the usual FF but at least it's understandable. I like the story if I remember correctly but I also compare this FF with FF from Japan, at that time.
I guess it's pretty much okay. ^^

Tavia-chan Tavia-chan

I think people misjudge this movie for being "the worst thing ever." It's not incredibly faithful to the franchise, which may be the reason why it got the heat, but that's what makes it different and decent.

angelxxuan angelxxuan

decent, I mean, they went entirely with the girl on this one as the lead role in the anime and I really liked it. but there again I have a thing for weird settings in a program. this one was of no exception. there was a bit of a plague going on :D I just wished there could be more final fantasy stuff appear movie wise

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