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The gateway to another world appears suddenly one day, and with it comes the awakening of two mysterious beasts with astonishing power. When the beasts apear to destroy each other, they vanish leaving behind only the inexplicable pillar of darkness and unanswered questions. Twelve years later the twins, Ai and Yu, of two scientists that disappeared on the so-called Day Of Conjunction board a phantom subway and begin a quest to find their lost parents. As the train travels they meet a enigmatic woman named Lisa and a brooding stranger Kaze with a demon-summoning gun. Soon arriving in the chaotic world of amazing beauty and thrilling danger called Wonderland they twins set out on a dangerous mission to rescue their missing parents. With Lisa there to help protect the them they travel through Wonderfuland while trying to avoid attacks by the Earl Tyrant and his henchmen. Along the way they meet numerous allies including Cid, a brilliant inventor, and Lou, a flighty girl who can turn into a werewolf when she looks into a mirror. Join Ai, Yu, and all their friends and discover the wonder and adventure of Wonderland as they go to discover how to stop Earl Tryant and find Ai and Yu's parents.

By: RavenSilverRose

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Kyoobi's Final Fantasy Unlimited Tv Review

Rated: 4

If you couldn't already tell, presentation was done quite poorly. The OP and ED songs/scenes were done well, catchy tunes and all. But the meat of the story has nothing to boast. It almost felt as if FFU was hastily written and marketed as a quick way to gain a buck. Humour was slapstick and mainly dealt out by the chocobo of the series. The many oppurtunities to flesh out the characters were shelved in an attempt to make the story tangible. For instance, we find out later that one of the main characters is actually from another world, being sent here after his was destroyed by the main baddie's subordinate. However the anime did not take any chance to explain why, how or when. It introduces an excuse for a battle and stumbles upon it. There are too many loose ends to this story.

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Member Opinions

Glukogen Glukogen

I watched it so long ago so I remember only KuroKaze (he was a reason my attantion to this anime), strange plot (all looked like child pc game, and it seemed like "game over" at the end. If it was child anime I would prefer happy end) and funny creatures. Parts with "Magan has done" by the middle of the show just drove me crazy.

singlemoon singlemoon

I know the plot, and I know most of the characters, but even thou it's pretty simple in both graphic and plot, there's something about the series that made me kept on watching it. It's pretty hard to interpret the relationship between the characters, and I think that one mysteries is what keeping me from abandoning FF Unlimited.

SnickerdoodleNinja SnickerdoodleNinja

To be honest, it's been so long since I've watched FFU that I don't remember much other than some really wierdness and that it was enjoyable. Oh, and the guy with the white hair was both good looking and cool. Sadly, that's all I've got.

ecnelisterger ecnelisterger

It had awesome OST.
And I have always wonder the chemistry between Kaze and Lisa. Well, it seems that she likes him thou, but who know.
I laughed at the sight of the villain. xD
And...nah, I won't give out spoiler. Thou the ending made me go 'D: whut??'
I definitely recommend this series!

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