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Final Fantasy VII Game

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Final Fantasy VII Wallpapers

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SplinterCell's Final Fantasy VII Game Review

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Rated: 8

Over all this gave was very impressive for its time and maybe the minimal in standards for today's society but still very enjoyable experience. The game play was awesome, the characters were likable and gave you a feeling for them, the story was intriguing and puzzling at times, and the sound was astounding. Just thinking of this game makes me want to play it right now and bust out an Omnislash. For its time the game was a burst of new for the series. Breaking away from traditional sprites into full 3D. Of course this game isn't for everybody. Action seekers will be bored of the battles after awhile, where as RPG lovers will be hooked for hours just leveling up their character. Challenging side missions just add-on to the game play. Overall a great game in a great series.

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