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Winxfairykay's Final Fantasy VIII Game Review

Rated: 8

The worst thing about Final Fantasy 8 is that it had to follow Final Fantasy 7. This made for a few poor reviews. Overall, the game is very enjoyable, and doesn't take very long to beat. The story is quite interesting, and yet, has a lot of turns and twists in it that would make someone feel like they are watching a soap opera. There is a few serious times, as when a character is in grave danger. The story has a good script, and its funny when it needs to be, and serious when that's what's called for. Their isn't much of a true moral through the story, and there isn't much of a moral at the end. Although, the feelings between Squall and Rinoa is easy to see, and yet, hard to grip as the writers put off their relationship pretty much until the very end.

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