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Final Fantasy X-2 Game

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Two years after the defeat of Sin, Spira is once again in a state of disarray. Two factions are now vying for control, leaving one scantily clad Yuna in the middle. The former High Summoner has shed her old ways and is off in search of new adventure. Upon finding a video of a certain "you know who," she sets off on a journey to find more clues. With the aid of some old friends and help fom some new allies, she is off to save the world once again!

Credits: kawaiiguy

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Rslgto's Final Fantasy X-2 Game Review

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Rated: 9

The gameplay is a bit different from Final Fantasy X. The battles now use an Active Time Battle system--instead of turn based--and you also have ability to change dresspheres to your liking during battle. This means that you can change jobs from Warrior to Thief, to Samurai to Healer, to Black Mage to Mascot, to Trainer to Gunner and so on and so forth, while you are engaging in battle. This proves to be very convenient if one is to use different attacks on fiends whose abilities and weakness vary. Also new are the chain attacks: the more consecutive attacks you perform on a fiend, the higher the damage as each hit is multiplied by the order in which it is received. This proves to be vital against powerful fiends or if one wants fast-paced battles that end quickly.

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