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aozoraskies aozoraskies

With each episode just over 1 minute, this anime is both snappy in dialogue and utterly random. The animation is of top-class quality, with stunning 3D graphics depicting the futuristic empire of Merkur and its Robot Duchess Drossel Von Flugel.

Every episode features a comical but fast-paced conversation between Drossel and her butler-like robot mentor, Gedachtnis. Drossel, robot though she may be, is quite the 'princess', with her high-and-mighty ways, her habit of posing dramatically, and her sporadic displays of carefree childishness. On the other hand, Gedachtnis is lovablely servile yet comically jaded towards some of his mistress' antics. Together, they make a strangely entertaining comedian duo.

All through out their banter, there are dropped hints of Oh!Plot - dystopia and warring humankind closing in on the kingdom..

But enough of this Serious talk! Not like Drossel can be bothered, there are better things to do - Oh heck, MONKEY! :D

Fireball also has a prequel, Fireball Charming. Warning - It's even more random, and Drossel's 'ojou-sama'ness is taken up a notch. Ah beauty.

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