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Kaito Tougou is visiting Cornwall, England with his friend Kazuya. The boys seem normal albeit almost geek-ly enthusiastic over pirate history, until it is revealed that Kaito is very insecure when it comes to trusting other people. He thinks that people get close to him purely because of his successful, influential father. Soon after, he is sucked into a time tunnel and transported to the year 1587 - the year just before the start of the War between Spain and England. Through some twist of fate, Kaito ends up as an attendant on a pirate ship, Gloria captained by Geoffrey Rockford. His knowledge of pirates, the Spanish Armada and future events, brings suspicion but Kaito manages to 'explain' these by touting himself as a prophet. Thus this historical novel series proceeds, following Kaito's journey with Geoffrey. Authored by Natsuki Matsuoka and illustrated by Kaoru Yukifuna, this series also features cameos of the likes of Sir Francis Drake.

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aozoraskies aozoraskies

Reading the translations for the Drama CDs, the script really isn't too bad. The voice actors have pleasant, attractive voices in the first track, so far. And it's historical! With English pirates and Spanish marines and a lone Japanese teenage boy dropped in from the 21st century. And actually mentions icons like Mary, Queen of Scots, Queen Elizabeth, Sir Francis Drake and Duke of Santa Cruz like they exist in the present setting.. And has beautiful illustrations by Kaoru Yukufina! Er, wait how does that cover for a drama CD? Ah well.

Not sure of it yet, but premise sounds promising. Hopefully not just another BL with pirate-y kinks. Er.
LOL at the faux English and the part where random boys go gaga nostalgia over playing pirates though. XD
I want to read the novel translations..

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