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Tagged under Camera Angles, Artistic Styles.

A visual effect that results in part of an image appearing larger, smaller, closer or farther away than it actually is.
This technique is often used in photography to create more visually interesting compositions.
You can find more information about it in the Wikipedia entry. Similarly, see Foreshortening.

Use this tag for extreme/very obvious examples of forced perspective only.
Examples of forced perspective: 234026 (hand), 639697 (hand), 462304 (arm), 299937 (legs, buildings), 368269 (guns), 386095 (legs), 363623 (scythe), 371442 (hands), 369923 (scythe, body), 561164 (legs)
These are NOT cases of forced perspective: 244585, 504969, 322040, 229762, 249948, 384994, 372666, 315857

Tip: for convenience, use the alias "FOP" when adding this tag to images.
Also see: Dutch Angle, Fisheye View, From Above, Vanishing Point.

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